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April. 10, 2012

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LASN April Features

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Article 2 35W Bridge Remembrance Garden
The Mississippi River snakes through the heart of the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area. High above the river is the eight-lane Interstate 35W Bridge, one of the busiest spans over the river ...
Article 2 Main Street Plaza Round Rock, Texas, a Family Entertainment Destination
The Round Rock, Texas downtown master plan was approved by the city council on June 24, 2010. During the parks and recreation master plan work, the number two priority identified by Round Rock ...
Article 2 The Street Lighting Retrofitting Revolution
Street lighting is something many take for granted, unless that street light in front of your home goes out. Or you're visiting some big city and find yourself walking down a side street or in a park at night and realize how poorly illuminated ...
Article 2 Promenading at Wilmington Waterfront Park
Most city-waterfront port areas, regardless of their modern-day condition and operating vitality of such ports, are too often characterized by adjacent, underutilized, vacant land; neither welcoming to local residents nor to the public ...

LASN April Columns

Article 1 LEDs One Year Later: Wow, That 'New' Light Source Is Blossoming
Changes continue to happen at break-neck speed in LED technology and development of landscape lighting LED equipment. When I started "studying" LED technology in 2010 for the third ...
Article 6 Lake Eola Fountain Renovation, Orlando
An Orlando, Fla. civic committee headed by Linton Allen, board chairman of the 1st National Bank, first put forth the idea of a significant fountain for the city. The Orlando Utilities Commission authorized ...
Article 1 St. Clair Street Bridge Interpretive Master Plan Pilot Project
The Canal and White River State Park (WRSP) is one of six districts created by the Indianapolis Cultural Development Commission in 2003 to facilitate development of arts, entertainment and hospitality in ...
Article 6 Digital Workflow: ArcGIS, AutoCAD and Google Earth
With the numerous web applications and software programs available to the public for free download, it's much easier in today's world for designers to share their work throughout the design process with clients and ...

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- Today's LCSI: $2,004.26

News of the Week


Murietta War Memorial
Cause of Aspen Die Off
Bus Stop Art
PreHistoric Plant
ADA Pool Regs
Dark Sky Ordinances

USA Vinyl
Custom Canopies Performance Planning Sys.
Illusions Vinyl Fence Rainwater Collection
Spectra Lighting Fiberweb
Barenbrug USA ILOS
Sun Ports Solus Decor

Featured Products

JHBaxter041012trans J.H. Baxter & Co.
Grown by nature; engineered for strength; built for durability.

JobeLighting041012trans Jobe Lighting
Learn more about the new standard of inground lighting. Solid product design. 12V LED-Technology. Easy installation. UL listed.
LaSorgente041012trans LaSorgente Glass Studio
NightOrbs(TM) magically transform outdoor space with the beauty and glow of hand-blown glass. With distinctive low voltage illuminators.
Lumec041012trans Lumec
SoleCity brings together high-quality design and craftsmanship in an engaging collection of exterior lighting solutions and urban furniture.
MelNorthey041012trans Mel Northey Company
Offering an affordable, municipal, commercial and residential lightweight, yet durable rust line of streetscape products.
PelcoProducts041012trans Pelco Products
Makers of main streets and campuses safe and beautiful with its suite of site ameneties furniture and lighting. Visit us at our website.

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