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May. 08, 2012

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Article 2 Tucson Playground Memorialized
Christina Taylor-Green, nine years old, was a third-grader at Mesa Verde Elementary School in Tucson, Arizona. She had just been elected to the student council. On the morning of ...
Article 2 One Bright Idea After Another . . .
One of the things that makes this profession so diverse and interesting is the contrast between the work done to preserve the landscape from overuse, and the work done to highlight the landscape to its fullest ...
Article 2 Let There Be the Water
Jetting fountains are a popular feature for city plazas. These interactive fountains, what you might classify as fancy ''splash pads'' are not only great fun for the kids, but can be a source for nighttime entertainment when coupled with lighting fixtures ...
Article 2 Backyard Beauty in a Flood Plain: Challenges and Solutions
A swimming pool, fireplace, grill, deck, beautiful planting beds and a large play area were all part of the Baylin family's dream for a backyard living experience to ...

LASN Columns

Article 1 Carpinteria Goes LED
Carpinteria, Calif., a small oceanside city east of Santa Barbara, has completed its retrofit project of replacing all city-owned high-pressure sodium (HPS) decorative street lights with energy-efficient LEDs housed in pendant lamps ...
Article 6 Randolph County Rest Area:
A Welcome Retreat

Wanted: A restful interlude for a long road trip. A time to stretch, eat, unwind, let the dogs and kids take a few laps to disperse some energy. An educational opportunity to learn about the ...
Article 1 Mill Creek Park, Bakersfield, Calif.
Central Park in Bakersfield, Calif. used to be an ugly ducking of a park. It evolved from a dirt-lined irrigation canal and abandoned industrial sites. The original park was split in two by the canal, which was fenced off ...
Article 6 Integrating LEDs with Urban Furniture
'SoleCity') that couples good looks and styling with the performance and energy efficiency of the company's LUXEON LED technology. In addition, the company has collaborated with Maglin Site Furniture to ...

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- Today's LCSI: $1,907.12

News of the Week


Paving Landscaping Awards
Sydney Park at 21
High-End Materials for Outdoors
New, Superior Plants
From Granite Quarry to Park
Marin Co. Coastal Development

USA Vinyl
Custom Canopies Performance Planning Sys.
Illusions Vinyl Fence Rainwater Collection
Spectra Lighting Fiberweb
Barenbrug USA Outdoor Audio
Sun Ports Solus Decor

Featured Products

Ironsmith050812trans Ironsmith
Offering pedestrian safe tree grates, tree guards, trench grates, bollards and Paver Grate System(TM).

InvisibleStructures050812trans Invisible Structures
Gravelpave2 porous pavment for a natural looking and beautiful paved surface. Allow your parking lot to percolate stormwater naturally.
Netafim050812trans Netafim
Physical root barriers in Techline(R) CV emitters protect the tubing from
root intrusion and are among the reliability features built into dripline.
Paverart050812trans Paverart
We give landscape architects and municipal planners the ability to create streetscape supergraphics of any size and level of complexity.
PetersenPrecast050812trans Petersen Precast
Metal benches - architectural steel that is powder coated for a lustrous finish. Contemporary designs and bold colors enhance any streetscape.
PineHallBrick050812trans Pine Hall Brick
For New Albany, Ohio, StormPave permeable clay pavers were chosen over new asphalt for their visual appeal and green attributes.

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