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Implementing Sustainable Landscaping Practices for Turf and Trees

Wednesday, October 10th
9:00 - 11:00 AM

Presented by Janet Hartin,
University of California Cooperative Extension

CEU Accreditation: PLANET, 2; GCSAA, .2; PMGS, 2

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Course Description:
Maintaining public and private landscapes using resource-efficient practices effectively protects the environment, improves the health of the plantings, and is cost-effective. Irrigating based on the water requirements of plants; improving poor quality soil with soil amendments; preventing and reducing soil compaction; mulching landscape plantings; and, implementing Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices favoring prevention will be discussed with real-world examples provided.

Janet Hartin is a nationally-recognized expert on sustainable landscape practices (irrigation and water management, greenwaste recycling and compost use, and integrated pest management stressing prevention) and has served as University of California Environmental Horticulturist for San Bernardino and Los Angeles Counties since 1984. During her career, she has presented over 1,000 talks to both professional and consumer audiences. Janet earned undergraduate and graduate degrees in Horticulture from University of Minnesota. She is currently a Principal Investigator (with UC colleagues Loren Oki and Dave Fujino) on a $450,000 contract from the CA Dept. of Water Resources to monitor the performance of a wide array of ornamental trees, shrubs, groundcovers, and turfgrasses grown under various microclimates and irrigation regimes in various climate zones throughout the state. She recently authored a book entitled 'Become a Landscape Company Owner' and co-authored 'Compost Use for Landscape and Environmental Enhancement' with Dr. David Crohn (a free 92-page download) and routinely writes articles on sustainable landscaping principles and practices for industry publications. She currently serves as the Associate Editor for Environmental Horticulture for the University of California Division of Agriculture (ANR) and Natural Resources; serves on the statewide Master Gardener Steering Committee; serves on the UC ANR Peer Review Committee; and, is University of California Chairperson for the annual Turf and Landscape Institute.

Janet Hartin, Environmental Horticulturist, University of California Cooperative Extension, San Bernardino and Los Angeles Counties


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