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July 17, 2012

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LC/DBM July Features

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Article 2 Fencing Industry on the rise
Like most construction sectors, fencing suffered during (and following) the 2007-09 recession. Despite this, forecasters expect a brighter future for the fencing industry, predicting fencing demand will expand 2.9 ...
Article 2 River Living On A Curve
''Not a single straight line in the design.'' The owners of this property, off the Piankatank River in Gloucester, Virginia, made their wishes for their outdoor living space clear. ''While the homeowners said ...
Article 1 Backyard Metamorphosis
Located in San Francisco, this 1910 country Victorian-style home challenged Metamorphosis Landscape to build an idyllic outdoor living area to create a calming atmosphere for the over-worked homeowners ...

LC/DBM July Columns

Plan for Profit and Success
Large residential and commercial projects come with many potential pitfalls, which can make a big difference in a project's profitability and a company's long-term success. Planning is one of the most important ...
Rain Garden: Designed for Success
Faced with the challenge of dealing with rain runoff at a Honolulu high school, Songscapes took on the task of installing a rain garden to address a flooding problem. After ...
Economic Indicator:
- Today's LCSI: $1,832.65

News for the Week

Article 6 Outsourcing Leads the Way
To decrease the fiscal budget, the Milpitas sought private contractor bids for their landscape needs. Terracare Associates was selected based on an intricate scoring system created to consider ...
Article 6 Florida Water Restrictions
A recent Suwannee River Water Management District's order for water regulation now limits outdoor water usage to once a week for citizens residing within district limits. Even with recent rains, the ...
Article 6 Demand For Fertilizer Increasing
As the housing market improves, which will lead to landscaping, the demand for fertilizers will continue to increase. Even though fertilizer sales were down less than one ...
Article 6 Summer Slowing Showing
After a strong start to 2012, the economy has all but screeched to a stop for the summer, as forecasts have been downgraded, job growth has slowed, and consumer confidence is on the decline. ...
Article 6 Outdoor Living Gaining Popularity
Editor in chief of Furniture Today, Raymond Allegrezza said, "The total value is $3.8 billion, but if you're a retailer in a challenged economy, a $3.8 billion slice of pie is nothing to ...
Article 6 US Drought Outlook
Scattered relief may come from cold-front passages or thunderstorm clusters, but summers are usually a fairly dry time of year for the central part of the nation, the National Weather Service Climate ...
Article 6 Dutch Elm Disease Decks Texas Trees
A Texas town has cut down two trees that tested positive for Dutch elm disease, according to the Texas Forest Service. Colleyville, a suburb of Dallas, is the fourth ...
Article 6 Maintenance Opportunities At
Mike Hall, Lawn Broker CEO and founder, created the site after finding the online marketplace for maintenance services lacking. ''I was looking for someone to mow my yard and ...
Article 6 Hairy Bittercress Invades Ohio
Ohio Department of Natural Resources spokesman, Jim McCormac said, "It's just one of these weeds that has reached a critical mass and gone off the cliff, forming a snowball rolling downhill and getting ...
Article 6 Better Business in Arizona
Although many businesses in Arizona still suffer from the repercussions of the housing crisis, some Arizona landscape contractors said business is looking up. Dan Dawn, owner of Arroyo Vista Landscape ...
Article 6 Resodd To Increase Home Sales
John Shorb, president of John Shorb Landscaping said: "Instant green is always good." "Eighty to 90 percent of buyers are looking at houses online," declared Realtor Ellie Shorb ...
Article 6 Certified Irrigation Contractor Program Earns National Accreditation
Irrigation Association Certification Board announced that the Certified Irrigation Contractor program has officially earned national accreditation, making ...
PFC Controls
Royola Pacific

Pro Products

Pelco HandyDeck
Western Timber Frame Lightcraft
Wood Stone Nightscaping
Sweetwater Cabana Rain Chains
Outdoor Audio Next-Gen
Smith Seed Koolfog
MasterRoute blank

Featured Products

RHPeterson061912 Sentry Electric
The newest post-top LED luminaires can be used for new construction, or can be configured as retrofit kits for use with existing Sentry installations.

RootMaker061912 Skyline Design
Innovative style of furniture architecture, Durban Barstool and Pub are made from an all aluminum frame and woven in modern style.
SkylineDesign061912 Solar Shade USA
Designers and manufacturers of distinctive custom and standard playground and aquatic center shade structures.
SolarShade061912 Spectra Turf
A leading supplier and installer of play surfacing - we're a major supplier of color rubber granules and repair materials, as well.
Techniseal061912 Spring City Electrical
The company has been chosen to provide New York City's Central Park with 1,588 LED luminaires, to be placed on nine-foot tall B-9 cast iron posts.
Waterloo061912 UniPost
With it's unique Form and Function design, it's being hailed by all who have seen it and its visual presentation is just the beginning.

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