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Governor Announces Acquisition of Parkland

SACRAMENTO, Calif.- Governor Gray Davis announced the purchase of a 2,770-acre section of the Lakeview Meadows Ranch that will become part of Henry W. Coe State Park in Santa Clara County.

"This is another major step forward in our continuing efforts to acquire key parkland in areas where it will do the most good," Davis said. "This property will allow us to expand Henry W. Coe State Park, and provide open space in one of the state's major population centers."

The California Department of Parks and Recreation purchased the 2,770 acres from the Nature Conservancy with $1 million from Proposition 12, the Parks Bond Act, approved by voters in 2000.

"We are very pleased to see this spectacular property go to State Parks," said Mike Sweeney, project director for The Nature Conservancy. "We hope these wild lands will create new recreational opportunities for millions of residents of Silicon Valley, San Jose, and Santa Clara County."

The Lakeview Meadows ranch is home to stands of blue oak, valley oak, black oak, and coast live oak woodlands. The property includes streams with native fisheries. Wildlife species found in the area include mountain lions, mule deer, golden eagles, prairie falcons and red shouldered hawks. The area supports healthy populations of several rare and endangered species, including the California red-legged frog and the Western pond turtle.


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November 13, 2019, 7:33 pm PDT

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