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Washington State Copes with Drought

SEATTLE - Recently the state of Washington, as well as the city of Seattle, have announced efforts to conserve water consumption by 10 percent. The lack of rain and snowfall in the area over the past fall and winter have led to the action being taken by both Governor Gary Locke and Mayor Paul Schell of Seattle.

These actions will have some effect on landscaping within the state. Both the state and city of Seattle have eliminated hosing down sidewalks, buildings and parking lots. Each have put restrictions on outdoor fountains, but in differ in guidelines. The state has ordered that all outdoor fountains on state property be turned off and drained. Seattle stated that all city owned fountains not re-circulating water will be turned off while other fountains that recycle water will be prioritized by the Department of Parks and Recreation and Seattle Center. hello

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November 18, 2019, 10:33 am PDT

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