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OPEI Upset Over Ethanol Ruling

This 3x3 inch label is what the EPA has provided to gas stations selling the new E15 blend. Kris Kiser, President and CEO of OPEI, argues that the label, in one language is an inadequate attempt to educate users.

The Outdoor Power Equipment Institute (OPEI) has been a vocal opponent of the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) approval of E15, gasoline with 15 percent ethanol.

E15 gasoline is said to cause problems not only in automobiles older than the year 2000, but also in small engine equipment such as chainsaws and mowers, which directly affects lawn and landscape professionals.

On Friday August 17th, the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit (D.C. Circuit) denied petitions for review filed by a number of industry groups against the EPA's approval and introduction of E15.

''The Outdoor Power Equipment Institute (OPEI) is deeply disappointed by the decision,'' said Kris Kiser, President and CEO of OPEI, ''but is heartened by the dissenting opinion of Judge Kavanaugh, who wrote that 'In granting the E15 partial waiver, EPA ran roughshod over the relevant statutory limits.'''

''This premise and many of the themes in the dissent on the merits were briefed by OPEI and the other engine manufacturers. While the other two judges ultimately denied the position, the Chief Judge denied each of the petitions based on standing, and therefore the court was unable to address the merits of the case due to a procedural issue,'' Kiser said.

The OPEI and its allies will be looking at their options and will likely appeal the ruling; a decision will be made within the next couple weeks.

For more information about the OPEI and their fight against the E15 ruling please click here.

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