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Sept. 11, 2012

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LASN September Features

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Article 2 2012 ASLA Council of Fellows
Being elected to the ASLA Council of Fellows is among the highest honors for an ASLA member. The FASLA designation is conferred in recognition of exceptional accomplishments over a career. A Fellow ...
Article 2 J2 Engineering and Environmental Design
Founding principals Jeff Holzmeister, PE and Jeff Engelmann, RLA have decades of civic and hydraulic/water resources engineering and landscape architecture experience. Founded in 2002, J2 also opened ...
Article 2 Aqua Design International
Aqua Design International is a landscape architecture firm specializing in pool, spa and water feature design. Formed in 1996 to meet the needs of the architectural community for high-quality aquatic consulting, the firm collaborates with ...
Article 2 G.K. Flanagan Associates
Gregory K. Flanagan, RLA, ASLA, a 1978 graduate from University of Arizona with a bachelor's in landscape architecture, founded G.K. Flanagan Associates, Inc. in 1989 to focus on environmentally sensitive projects. Flanagan has more than ...
Article 1 Waibel & Associates
Principal Janet Waibel, RLA, leads Waibel & Associates, landscape architecture. Elizabeth LeSueur, RLA, Max Gitenstein (design, graphics manager) and Joel Carrasco (design) round out the team. Janet Waibel is responsible for project designs ...
Article 6 Clemens & Associates
Clemens & Associates Inc. has been designing, installing and maintaining some of Santa Fe's most elegant gardens for 35 years. Jess Clemens, principal, was a partner in a design-build barn-to-home renovation ...
Article 1 Exteriors by Chad Robert, Inc.
Exteriors by Chad Robert, Chad Robert principal, specializes in residential landscape design and installation. Clients are integral to the design. Theresidential gardens become ...
Article 6 Steve Martino and Associates
For the past 30 years, landscape architect Steve Martino, FASLA, has been committed to developing and advancing landscape architecture in the Southwest. A recurring theme in Martino's work is the juxtaposition of man-made ...
Article 6 Consensus Planning, Inc.
Consensus Planning, New Mexico's leading landscape architecture and planning firm, is celebrating 21 years of providing excellent design services to over 700 clients in the public and private sectors. The firm is managed by Principals ...
Article 6 GBtwo Landscape Architecture, Inc.
GBtwo was established in 2004. Principal Shari Zimmerman, RLA, ASLA has over 14 years of experience in urban and community development, campus, commercial and residential projects. Principal Leah Manbeck, RLA, ASLA, registered in Arizona ...
Article 6 Colwell Shelor Landscape Architecture
Principals Allison Colwell and Michele Shelor have collaborated with a wide range of disciplines on some of the most imaginative and technically challenging projects in the state, ranging from large civic complexes to intimate domestic ...
Article 6 Mychal Gorden Design, Inc.
Mychal Gorden Design, Inc., specializes in land development, planning, and landscape architecture, with experience in community planning and project coordination, environmental planning, residential and mixed use master planning, golf course design, neighborhood ...
Article 6 Design Collaborations, Ltd.
Margaret Joplin, RLA, ASLA founded Design Collaborations, Ltd. in 1990 to meet the needs of residential and commercial clients throughout Arizona by designing user-friendly, aesthetic and economically ...
Article 6 Weston Solutions, Inc.
Founded in 1957, Weston is an international environmental consulting and design firm with over 1,800 employees. The Albuquerque office opened in 1985. In 2009 Weston acquired Resource Technology, an ...
Article 6 Schaafsma Design
Pieter Schaafsma, ASLA, a landscape designer and artist, has spent the last 20 years working in and around the Colorado Plateau, which offers diverse landscape elements - stone, earth, wood and plants ...

LASN September Columns

Article 1 LASN Expands Reach . . . Interactivity
Welcome . . . I say welcome today because LASN has just added 18,500 new professionals to its monthly distribution. That's right . . . Thanks to digital technology ...
Article 6 A Pervious Approach to Progress
Hardscapers that used to add impervious infrastructure and conventional surfacing to paving projects are transitioning to greener methods that absorb and filter stormwater runoff ...
Article 1 Hazel Abel's Victorian Facelift
Hazel Abel was a distinguished woman of her time. Born in 1888, she graduated from the University of Nebraska in 1908, and went on to careers in both education and business. Most notably, in ...
Article 6 Reducing Heat Island Effect by Code
Green parking may be new to you. In previous editions of this column discussions have been put forward that parking lots are going green and landscape codes are helping to push this trend ...
Article 6 Illinois School Adds Permeable Parking Lot
North High School in Downers Grove, Ill., is saving taxpayers a bundle by upgrading its newly enlarged east parking lot with permeable pavers instead of asphalt or concrete ...
Article 6 Cement Forecast Revised Upward
The Portland Cement Association (PCA) has upgraded its prediction for the rest of 2012 and beyond, citing growth in the housing industry and gains in the amount of cement used in ...

Economic Indicator:

- Today's LCSI: $1,907.26

News of the Week

Article 6 L.A. Civic Center Park Debuts
Los Angeles County supervisors, city leaders and a procession of 88 children (representing the county's 88 cities) turned out at the L.A. Civic Center at noon, July 26, on a bright, sunny Southern California ...
Article 6 Gotta be Tough in Tucson
You probably take the toughness of iron bollards for granted, but these stoic sentinels have to stand there, anthropomorphically speaking, day and night, day after day, month after month, year after year and still look ...
Article 6 Design Concepts to Design Landscapes for Nine Schools Funded Colorado Department of Education's BEST Program
Design Concepts of Lafayette, Colo., announces it is the landscape architect and planning partner for nine high-profile school projects ...
Article 6 Playground Sprinkler Control
New York City has unveiled a plan to add two-minute cutoff buttons to more than 400 playground sprinklers in the five boroughs. Currently, playgroundsprinklers run nonstop, dispensing ...
Article 6 Landscape Architect Lynn Capouya Attends Infrastructure ''Jobs of the Future'' Event at White House
Lynn Capouya, RLA, president of Lynn Capouya, Inc. in Irvine, Calif., was among a select group of business ...
Article 6 Trash Talkin'
Site amenities on city streetscapes are chosen for their looks, durability and, sometimes, because they are ''green.'' Chicago, under the Mayor Daley administration, signed a contract with BigBelly Solars ...
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Featured Products

InvisibleStructures091112 Invisible Structures
Rainstore3 is a new class of sub-surface stormwater storage. Modular and stackable, Rainstore3 is effiecient and strong for your raingarden.

JRMChemica091112 JRM Chemical
Soil Moist Transplant is formulated to inoculate trees, plants and shrubs during planting time, contains a diverse blend of five species of ectomycorrhizal propagules.
Koolfog091112 Koolfog
The redesigned portable misting fans are used for sporting events, concerts and other public events as well as for preventing heat stress in workers.
MasterRoute091112 MasterRoute
GPS Tracking provides the ability to validate employee time worked and reduce fuel costs by eliminating the unauthorized use of vehicles.
Nightscaping091112 Nightscaping
The original Apprentice was designed in response to contractor and specifier requirements. This versatile up-light is available in a solid copper and brass version.
pavetech091112 Pave Tech
KNEESEAT(TM) is an innovative knee pad that doubles as a seat; ergonomic and comfortable enough to wear all day. Offered as a set of two.

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