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Special Section: Hardscape North America
Photos and descriptions provided by ICPI

In LC/DBM's August 2014 Hardscape issue, one of the selected submissions was an award winner at last year's Hardscape North America show, which made us interested in finding out more about the other honorees. And since October is the month that HNA once again co-locates with the Green Industry Expo, it presented an opportunity to highlight 2013's U.S. residential and commercial winners.

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Paddy Wagon Irish Pub
Sarasota, Florida

Award: Clay Brick - Commercial/Municipal - 1,000 to 15,000 square feet
Square Feet of Project: 1,500
Contractor: Southwest Masonry
Main Product Manufacturer: Colonial Brick distributed by Coastal, an Oldcastle Company
Project Description: The owner of Paddy Wagon Irish pub wanted to recreate the character of an authentic Irish pub. He chose the unique look of distressed Old Chicago reclaimed clay face brick and pavers and placed them in the walls and floor. Even with modern furnisings, the pub recalls the old style hangouts in Dublin, Ireland.

Smother's Park and Riverfront Crossing
Owensboro, Kentucky

Award: Clay Brick - Commercial/Municipal - More than 15,000 square feet
Square Feet of Project: 150,000
Contractor: Decorative Paving
Main Product Manufacturer: The Belden Brick Company
Project Designer: EDSA, Landscape Architect
Project Description: The creation of a people street or festival street for the City of Owensboro was a key component of the Smother's Park project which encompasses five blocks on the Ohio River. Besides creating a safe place for pedestrians, the landscape architect needed to design and detail the street to sustain busy vehicular traffic while complementing the newly created park. Clay brick pavers were selected early in the process to fit the character of the downtown as well as stand the test of time. One of the challenges was creating a flood-resistant pavement. The bricks were detailed with a concrete base and sand bedding while others were installed with bituminous bedding, a membrane and the bricks.

Where Edibles Meet Hardscapes
Clyde, North Carolina

Award: Clay Brick - Residential
Square Feet of Project: 2,600
Contractor: Haywood Landscapes, Inc.
Main Product Manufacturer: Pine Hall Brick
Project Designer: Haywood Landscapes, Inc. / Broadbooks Associates
Project Description: The owner's initial desire was for a vegetable garden but it blossomed into a gardening and entertainment area that takes advantage of the sun exposure and complements the architectural style of the 26-year old home. The project began with developing a plan that facilitated gardening, great views, sun and wind orientation, and existing grades. Then it was decided that the delapidated patio and retaining wall be completely demolished, re-designed, and rebuilt.
The completed project provides a clean, multi-level gardening area where vegetables can be accessed from above or below each terrace. The symmetrical clay hardscape with night backlighting of the brick retaining walls and clay paving patterns creates a visually delightful design. After 26 years of having never owned patio furniture, the homeowners now greet their guests at the furnished patio instead of at the front door.

Sutton Park
West Palmetto, Florida

Award: Clay Brick (Permeable) - Residential/Commercial
Square Feet of Project: 23,000
Installer: Timo Brothers
General Contractor: Stellar Development
Main Product Manufacturer: Pine Hall Brick distributed by Coastal, an Oldcastle Company
Project Designer: Allison-Gause Inc.
Project Description: Palmetto, Florida is a small town on the Manatee River on the west central coast of Florida. Sutton Park, a former high school football field, with adjacent Lamb Park, became a central green-space corridor. The park is surrounded by historic homes, a library and a church. Named for a resident killed in the Vietnam War and dedicated to all military veterans, the park is quickly becoming the heart of the community. Families enjoy walking and bicycling in the park and it is used for outdoor movies and concerts. The park is part of a larger goal to increase the use of the downtown core by creating an inviting family-friendly atmosphere, in this case a place that reflects the town's history while incorporating sustainable designs into the process. Along those lines, the designers specified permeable clay brick paving, LED lighting to reduce energy costs and drought-tolerant landscape. Permeable clay pavers were selected because their use minimizes long-term maintenance costs and their appearance helps create a sense of tradition unique to Palmetto. Concentric circles and other elements subliminally guide users to various areas and separate bicyclists from pedestrians. One specific emphasis was on reducing stormwater runoff, which caused flooding that flowed untreated into the Manatee River. StormPave pavers from Pine Hall Brick Co. were specified because they provided a way to treat storm water on site, were durable enough to withstand pedestrian and vehicular traffic, and were inexpensive to maintain. The permeable paver system has worked as planned during several significant rainfalls, including a tropical storm.

Northwestern Health Sciences University Courtyard
Bloomington, Minnesota

Award: Combination of Hardscape Products - Commercial/Industrial 1,000 to 20,000 square feet
Square Feet of Project: 7,400
Contractor: Mom's Landscaping & Design, LLC
Main Product Manufacturer: Belgard
Project Designer: Becca Bastyr
Project Description: This project's goal was to create a space for students, faculty, patients, and alumni to enjoy. The addition of a wing to an existing building produced a courtyard next to the university's world-class chiropractic school. This space had to offer "naming opportunities" that the university could sell to alumni and students, so all pavers had to be removable for engraving the names of donors. The installation occurred while classes were in session. Construction equipment access was through the existing parking lot and that space was shared with other contractors, students and faculty parking. The initial layout was critical on this job because of the extensive conduit sleeving required to accommodate irrigation and low-voltage lines. Another consideration was the thickness of all walkway materials installed; a total of 6 different materials with 6 different thicknesses had to be taken into account when laying the base and bedding sand. Four basalt stone waterfeatures required a 75-ton crane to lift and place the 1-ton to 3-ton rocks after installing the sidewalks.

Pigeon Forge LeConte Center
Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Award: Combination of Hardscape Products - Commercial/Industrial - More than 20,000 square feet
Square Feet of Project: 44,000
Contractor: Outdoor Group
Main Product Manufacturer: Belgard
Project Designer: Michael Smelcher / Michael Versen
Project Description: The project used approximately 9,500 square feet of Belgard Aqua brick pavers with a blend of 50 percent Potomac and 50 percent Fossil Beige for the permeable parking lot. The units were placed in a 45 degree herringbone pattern with a soldier border and parking lines in a sailor cut into the field with Aqua brick limestone. The patio areas were approximately 12,000 square feet with the borders and cut lines using Urbana 3-piece pavers in Ardennes Grey. The circle areas uses Urbana large square Potomac on a 45 degree angle with Urbana 3-piece Ardennes Grey. The borders around the planters have permeable pavers allowing the water to flow into the planters. Most all of the border and planter areas were cut on a radius or angles with miters at all corners. Some of the edge restraints were created using approximately 600 linear feet of Celtic curb. There were approximately 10,000 square feet of walls installed using Alan Block Classic block.

Packer Residence
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Award: Combination of Hardscape Products - Residential - More than 4,000 square feet
Square Feet of Project: 6,200
Contractor: PA Landscape Group, Inc.
Main Product Manufacturer: Techo-Bloc
Project Designer: PA Landscape Group
Project Description: The Packer Residence sits on a sloped, mountain side. From the entry level, a stairway of natural slab cut stone leads down to a fireplace, living area and landscaped garden. Next to that is the grill island, bar and pizza oven. On the other side of the living area and down a few steps are raised planters and a greenhouse. Outside the fenced area is a path of natural slab stone risers along which a waterfall flows down to a natural firepit area. Walking trails connect this area with other wooded trails on the property and back up to the entry level.

Manatee Bridge
Stuart, Florida

Award: Concrete Paver - Commercial / Industrial - 1,000 - 15,000 square feet
Square Feet of Project: 2,500
Contractor: Sunshine Land Design
Main Product Manufacturer: Belgard
Project Designer: Kimley-Horn and Associates
Project Description: The City of Stuart revitalized an important waterfront dining area using a choice of vibrant colors and paver fan patterns that suggest ripples in the water. The contractor, Sunshine Land Design, solved challenges including installation of a decorative concrete ribbon right through the middle of the paver fan pattern. Construction involved taking precautions to not pollute the waterway below the bridge.

Heber City Residence
Heber City, Utah

Award: Segmental Retaining Walls - Residential - More than 1,000 square feet
Square Feet of Project: 4,500
Contractor: Serenity Excavating
Main Product Manufacturer: Pavestone Company
Project Designer: Serenity Excavating
Project Description: Homeowners in Heber City, Utah needed to correct a huge, sloping front yard. Serenity Excavating did so by installing Pavestone retaining wall and paver products in a Wasatch color blend. Property space was increased with the addition of multiple sets of stairs and by adding Pavestone Highland Stone® retaining walls.

Mahaz Project
Sand Point, Michigan

Award: Concrete Paver - Residential - More than 3,000 square feet
Square Feet of Project: 3,240
Contractor: Esch Landscaping LLC
Main Product Manufacturer: Unilock
Project Designer: Matt Esch
Project Description: This hardscape project was constructed on the beach of Lake Huron in Michigan. The house and landscape began on an empty lot between two existing homes. We addressed elevations, proximity regulations with neighboring homes, construction deadlines and clients living in another state. The clients required an outdoor kitchen, firepit, shower area, adequate sun bathing area, shade for comfort when entertaining guests and easy access to the beach. Our hardscape team met challenges with building coordination of the home and sharing space with the home construction crews. This project began in March so the wind and weather caused difficult working conditions with the site facing the open water.

Ohio Expo Center Cardinal Corridor
Columbus, Ohio

Award: Concrete Paver (Permeable) - Commercial / Industrial
Square Feet of Project: 25,000
Contractor: The Decorative Paving Company
Main Product Manufacturer: Oberfields, LLC
Project Designer: Ohio Department of Natural Resources
Project Description: A 300-foot-long boulevard known as the Cardinal Corridor welcomes visitors to the 160th Ohio State Fair. This project began a multi-year initiative to beautify the Ohio Expo Center by transforming acres of pavement into grass and trees that provide shade and reduce stormwater runoff. Nine trees were planted in runoff-reducing cells along the center of the newly created corridor. Surrounding the cells, grass pavers with sod create green space. The crowning feature of the boulevard is 25,000 square feet of Washington 21 permeable pavers. This collects stormwater runoff from the surrounding pavement. Underdrains below the paver fields connect to the cells and provide filtered water to the tree roots. The system can store approximately 20,000 gallons of water, or the equivalent of a 1 inch per hour rainfall on three quarters of an acre. The red, buff and charcoal colors create the autumn blend to complement the Cardinal Corridor entry feature. The pavers were laid in a ninety degree herringbone pattern to accommodate vehicular traffic. A charcoal colored soldier course around the center grass area provides a visual frame that ties the entire space together.

Thornberry Creek Drive Residence
Oneida, Wisconsin

Award: Segmental Retaining Walls - Residential - Less than 1,000 square feet
Square Feet of Project: 1,140
Contractor: Sharper Edge, Inc.
Main Product Manufacturer: County Materials Corporation
Project Designer: Sharper Edge
Project Description: For this 1,140-square-foot outdoor living area, the homeowners' main goal was a relaxing, yet user-friendly place to entertain guests while enjoying the backyard scenery. The patio's 3.5- to 5.5-foot-high retaining walls accommodate the site's steep slope. Rough-hewn, rustic retaining wall block complements the natural stone present on the home and provides a color accent. One challenging aspect was installing the curved steel railings. Custom built by the contractor, the railings provide a backrest for the sitting wall, and address the homeowners' safety concerns. The radii of the railing had to match those of the retaining walls perfectly.

RidgeGate Commons Retaining Walls
LoneTree, Colorado

Award: Segmental Retaining Walls - Commerial/Industrial - More than 5,000 square feet
Square Feet of Project: 20,900
Contractor: HEI
Main Product Manufacturer: Rosetta Outcropping by Basalite
Project Designer: Slaton Brothers
Project Description: The retaining walls at RidgeGate Commons provide a dramatic entrance feature for the new Cabela's store south of Denver. The 30-acre site is set into the sloping face of a high ridge overlooking the entire metropolitan area. Over $3 million of retaining walls were required since the pad had to be "benched" into the existing natural ridge. The walls, located at the front and back of the site, are over 30 feet high. The front retaining walls included over 20,900 square feet of segmental concrete wall units manufactured by Signature Stone. This retaining wall system is Rosetta Outcropping by Basalite. This is a specialty wall system incorporating massive gravity blocks along with geofabric reinforcement. The blocks have varying dimensions with a stone texture on the outside face giving them a random, natural look.

Polaris has quadrupled its outdoor space to make room for 16,000 square feet of demo track where attendees can test drive utility vehicles from their BRUTUS, GEM and RANGER lines, and put BRUTUS' complete line of hydraulic and PTO attachments to the test.

iQ will introduce the new Paver Skate, an attachment for their QPC912® Dust Control Power Cutter. It allows the unit to cut in a forward direction and to cut dry in various applications, including "cutting in place," while meeting silica exposure regulations.

Earth Talon Shovels/Curry ToolWorks will reveal the first asymmetrical edge shovel at the New Product Showcase.

Switch-N-Go, a detachable truck body system, will exhibit a storage box for on-the-job use.

Dozens of exhibitors including Cub Cadet, Kubota Tractor, Kawasaki, Bad Boy Inc., Toro, Bobcat Company and John Deere will be showing UTVs and accessories.

The first place prize in the Installer Championship will be $1,000 and the choice between the iQ360® dust control table saw with accessories or iQPC912® dust control power cutter, Weber MT's CF3 Pro forward plate compactor, and recognition on the HNA Installer Championship Cup and by various magazines and Web sites.

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