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Great Section Dear LASN: After much anticipation, I received the December issue of LASN a day or two after Christmas. The PMBR article on Brennan Estates Main Entrance looks great! You and your staff did a wonderful job with not only the content, but the design and layout as well. The use of sketches along with the photographs was very successful from a visual point of view, and I thought the hand-drawn quality of the sketches was a refreshing change from most CADD drawings done today. Also, the juxtaposition of each drawing with what was actually built worked well. I brought (the magazine) into the office today and everybody who has seen it is very impressed with the article and the entire magazine. J. Seemans, RLA, ASLA Wilmington, Delaware Dear LASN: We got our (December) copy of LASN and I must say I am very impressed with it. The article and (CLARB Executive Direct Clarence) Chaffee's outlook came out great. But what I am most impressed with is the Licensure Review. You really did a great service by asking boards "what's up?" If you do nothing else next year (well, this year), please survey the state boards again. Matt Rankin CLARB Communications and Marketing Manager Vienna, Virginia Editor's Note: To review LASN's December forecast issue as well as news on licensure issues, click on Conservation is Up Dear LASN: I received the December issue of your magazine and read your editorial "Christmas Poem." Near the middle section of your poem, you say, "...Still, with Bush at the helm, Conservation is up. Who would 'a thought that he'd fill up that cup?" You infer that the current President and his administration are conservation-minded. I could not disagree with you more. A brief look at some of this administration's actions and proposals include" 1) In only two years, the Bush administration has weakened the Clean Water Act more than any president in the last 30 years (this according to American Rivers, an organization this publication supports); 2) This administration has eased clean air rules, allowing refineries, utilities and manufacturers to avoid installing new, updated anti-pollution equipment once the plants modernize; 3) the Bush administration had pushed to drill for oil in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge, but, thankfully, the Senate, led by insistence from the Democratic Party, defeated this measure. And the list goes on... "Conservation is up" you say? I would say, "Conservation is up a creek!" M. Wheeler Wheaton, Illinois Publisher's Note: As noted in the December forecast issue of LASN, according to government figures, federal spending on conservation is up. hello

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