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The trend in pave stone lights has grown as rapidly as the interlocking concrete pave stone market itself. Homeowners, landscape designers and contractors alike choose pave stones for the dual functionality and added beauty they bring to properties. The pave stone light is the perfect complement for the decorative paving systems that have grown significantly the past two decades. "Residential demand is driving the growth of the pave stone light industry," Clark Bell, Pavestone Company, Winters California said. "Homeowners love the style and accents offered by the installation of pave stone lights. The curb appeal is undeniably stunning and really adds value to a property. The pave stone lights accentuate the outline of the driveway at night making them not only beautiful but also a functional security feature." "For the past 10 years, pave stone lights have experienced double digit growth annually," Tim Dales, Vice President-Sales & Marketing, Kerr Lighting explains. "As both pave stones and paver lights are still in the early growth stages, we see continued increased growth in the coming years." The benefits of pave stone lights are many. They include the obvious increase in safety and enhanced security. Homeowners invest thousands of dollars in landscape design, hardscapes and softscapes. Without landscaping lighting, the aesthetic value is limited only to daylight hours. The inclusion of pave stone lights to paving applications delivers a warm, inviting ambience unlike traditional lighting systems. Unlike the above ground light features, pave stone lights do not get knocked over due to driving accidents or errant soccer balls. Residents and guests do not trip over them. They are flush with the pavement and are not an unpleasant attraction for neighborhood pets. Ease of installation An experienced pave stone contractor could initially be concerned about being responsible for the installation of a wired component of the landscape. However, the installation is actually quite simple to follow even for the novice installer. "The only perceived disadvantage to installing pave stone lights is that paving stone contractors may not have any experience with low voltage lighting," Pat Connors, President, Tahoe Lighting, explains. "The positive side is that by developing experience in low voltage lighting they can increase their abilities and profitability to do more projects per customer." Since paving stone lights come in sizes that are standard to pave stone products they are not only easy to install, they are also easy to incorporate into the hardscape design. "Installation is quite simple," Dales explains. "Run the wire on the bedding sand and create a small wire loop at the approximate light location. After that, place the pave stone light and with the simple wire clip on, attach the light to the wire. From there simply connect the in-ground wire to the transformer and then plug the transformer into an external wall receptacle and the job is complete." "The following equation can help determine the transformer size," Connors said. "Transformer=numbers of lights on the system times the wattage of the pave stone lights." Landscape designs with low voltage lighting "Pave stone lights are designed to be totally integrated with concrete paving stones" Bell explained. "They can be installed, removed and reinstalled as easily as pave stones without disturbing the light installation. "A simple, but appealing design example is to line the border of a residential driveway paving stone field in a soldier course fashion, installing a paving light approximately every six feet," Bell said. "Continue the border accent feature on the sidewalk leading to the front door. The beautiful landscape drive-up appeal transitions elegantly from day to night. The same design approach can be applied to restaurants, inns, auto dealerships, shopping and entertainment centers." One key to great landscape pave stone light design is to determine a focal point. Design the light features to accentuate trees, statues and foutains. Planters that are incorporated into seating areas are significantly enhanced by the addition of light. There are several manufacturers and distributors of pave stone lights. Most come with a warranty. Many are strong enough to withstand the weight of a vehicle and the impact of a snow plow. They are low voltage and low maintenance requiring only the occasional changing of the light bulb, which is as simple as using a screwdriver to pop the lens cover off the light fixture and replacing the bulb. Some pave stone light brands have drainage holes to allow water to drain through it and to keep condensation from forming. Some also has a knock out plate in the bottom to allow more drainage in wetter areas. Most light systems provide manual and automatic timers for turning on and off. The homeowner and contractor can work together to establish the light placement and design effect. However, like pave stones, the design possibilities are limitless. A spacing of five to eight feet between pave stone lights is a general rule of thumb to enhance lighting. Pave stone lights can increase contractor profitability and set one apart from the competition. Because of the increasingly popularity of consumer-demand interlocking pave stone for residential and commercial applications, many professional installers are ICPI (Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute) certified, which is an important qualification for the successful contractor. However, for the contractor looking to establish a niche to edge out the competition, the additional service of pave stone lights is a great way to set one apart. Pave stone lights provide a safe, attractive landscaping enhancement bringing new light to pave stone design. Pavestone Company, a national manufacturer and local distributor of paving stones and retaining walls is a distributor of Tahoe Lighting and Kerr Lighting. For more information on Pavestone products and paving stone lights: visit, Clark Bell is a Commercial Sales representative servicing the west coast region. To contact Clark Bell, call 530.795.4400. hello

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