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Browning Day Mullins Dierdorf
Indianapolis, Ind.

Browning Day Mullins Dierdorf began as a landscape architectural firm in 1967. Today, it is one of the leading architectural, landscape architectural design and planning firms in the Midwest. The firm has 4 principles, 28 architects, 10 landscape architects, 3 interior designers and 8 administrative professionals. Now in its third generation of leadership, the firm's work encompasses academic, parks and recreation, preservation and adaptive reuse, sustainability, sports, residential, museums, commercial, civic, corporate, hotels and health care projects.

River Ridge Commerce Center Gateway Master Plan, Jeffersonville, Indiana
In 2013, Browning Day was tasked with master planning the 400-acre Gateway District at the River Ridge Commerce Center, one of the largest and most advanced mixed-use developments in the region. The master plan consolidates and integrates stormwater systems, public green space and multimodal transportation networks. At the heart of the Gateway District is the Common Core, a 16-acre community park. Browning Day planned more than six miles of multi-purpose trails and five miles of critical sidewalk linkages. Future trail connections will directly link the development to the adjacent communities and, eventually, across the new East End Bridge into Kentucky.

Davlan Park, Indianapolis, Indiana
The Riley Area Development Corp. (RADC) selected Browning Day as the winner of its Davlan Park Community Art Space competition. The project team's innovative design, themed "Art Baks" (pronounced "art box"), used a repurposed shipping container as the portable art gallery, a secure, movable "plug-and-play" structure that will energize Davlan Park, amplify the art scene and create a deeper community connection to the public green space. The envisioned urban park has seating nodes, pedestrian circulation routes, informal seating areas and a portable art venue. Movable tables and chairs are proposed. Juxtaposed with the painted metal container is stained wood latticework to soften the material palette and display a large number of art pieces. Portions of the walls and ceiling would integrate clear acrylic to increase natural light and transparency.

Ivy Tech Community College, Frankfort, Ind.
Browning Day was retained by Frankfort to design parking lots and pedestrian plaza spaces to complement a renovated building that was transformed into classrooms for Ivy Tech Community College. The design provided irrigated landscape plantings and lighting for two asphalt parking lots. Both lots are located above fill from past building demolition. Storm water is managed through pervious concrete, permeable pavers, vegetated swales and drainpipes. These best management practices help reduce the environmental impact on the adjacent Prairie Creek.

Simon Skjodt International Orangutan Center, Indianapolis
The International Orangutan Center (IOC) is home to eight orangutans on four acres of zoo property. Through state-of-the-art exhibits and interactive computer games, visitors interact with the primates. The planting design endeavored to create a landscape reflective of their natural habitat. This exhibit features an 8,000 sq. ft. plaza designed for patron seating and orangutan viewing, with additional space for education and kiosk set-up. The main exhibit tower "leans forward" to allow the orangutans to climb above patrons sitting in the lowest parts of the plaza. Mid and lower-level areas have long graceful, arching accessible ramps on either side. The landscape architect leveraged the use of ample plant material and high albedo concrete pavement to minimize the plaza's heat island effect. IOC boasts a 12,000 sq. ft. sedum green roof, a testament to the designers' commitment to sustainability. A 10,000-gallon underground cistern sequesters a high percentage of the site's stormwater and reuses it for irrigation.

IU Jacobs School of Music, Bloomington, Ind.
Browning Day's landscape architects provided leadership on master plan and coordinated the utility relocation planning for the East Studio Building. Responsibilities included the site and landscape design for a 5.25-acre site with a 20-foot grade change. The campus walk connections align with features on the opposite side of Jordan Avenue. The design created a corner plaza that serves as a campus space and an arts district gateway at a major entrance to campus. There's a west patio space, a terraced landscape on the south end and a roundabout for drop-offs, and transporting large instruments into the building. The north entry is graced with a circular passive garden and lawn area featuring a variety of outdoor recreational spaces.

Broad Ripple Canal Esplanade, Indianapolis
This project will build upon the Broad Ripple neighborhood and designed in conjunction with an adjacent mixed-use development that will include townhomes, apartments, grocery store and a parking garage. Following several years of study and conceptualization, this project is now in the construction documentation phase. Spanning approximately 1,100 lineal feet, and varying from 15 to 35 feet in width, the new Canal Esplanade will offer opportunities to walk, run, bike or sit along the banks of the Broad Ripple Canal. Custom benches, railings, pavements, bollards and landscape lighting are planned.

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