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12 Landscape Architects in the Midwest

AECOM is a multidisciplinary firm founded in 1990 that brings together creative and strategic thinkers to design, build, finance and operate the world's infrastructure, and provide expertise to help create more sustainable and livable communities. AECOM employs more than 350 landscape architects worldwide. The firm's Americas practice group employs 150 landscape architects, 12 of which reside in the Midwest. AECOM's practice focuses on buildings and sites, but also on the physical framework of streets, squares, parks, plazas and gardens. AECOM believes effective and sustainable design requires careful integration of aesthetics, ecology, circulation, infrastructure, visual impacts and economic viability.

Eaton Center, Beachwood, Ohio
Eaton's dynamic new 53-acre corporate campus showcases the company's commitment to energy efficiency, sustainability and employee health and well-being. The campus uses a wide range of Eaton's own power management products and solutions. The integration of architecture and landscape architecture yields a work environment that promotes collaboration, innovation and worker health, setting a new standard for the 21st century corporate campus. The design concept was developed by Design Workshop, and the construction documents were prepared by AECOM.

Mayfield Village Greenway, Mayfield Village, Ohio
The Mayfield Village Greenway is a 2.3-mile suburban trail and green infrastructure corridor completed in 2014. The role of the landscape architect was critical to the project's success, guiding the municipality through the complex maze of planning, analysis, funding, land acquisition, design and implementation. The project provides a blueprint for cities looking to weave an off-road trail into fully developed neighborhoods to safely link residences, businesses, schools, parks and civic spaces.

Orchard Hills Park, Chesterland, Ohio
Orchard Hills Park is a 273-acre public park in suburban Chesterland, Ohio. The park, completed in 2011, transformed a defunct public golf course into a model of ecological restoration and low impact park design. The landscape architect led the conservation effort to repair damaged streams, reconstruct wetlands, and reforest expansive fairways. The design creatively reuses existing infrastructure to support recreation activities that showcase the site's natural beauty throughout each season.

Cuyahoga County Plaza, Cleveland
The Cuyahoga County Plaza is located at the epicenter of downtown Cleveland's Gateway District. The plaza serves as the foyer to the new Cuyahoga County Headquarters Building, as well as a place for casual relaxation and neighborhood gathering. A series of long turf panels and mounds subdivide the space and provide a sense of enclosure and sanctuary to plaza users. AECOM worked closely with artist Susan Quilligan Maurer to create a custom paving pattern and custom benches that express the rhythm of the city. Constrained by a tangled network of underground utilities, the landscape architect thoughtfully located shade trees, which provide shelter and green space in this exposed urban environment.

Ohiopyle Green and Complete Streets, Ohiopyle, Pa.
Located in the rugged Laurel Mountains of Western Pennsylvania, Ohiopyle is a small rural hamlet of 34 households and 21 businesses. Each year the town hosts 1.4 million visitors that come to enjoy the ecology of the Laurel Highlands region, Ohiopyle State Park and white water rafting on the Youghiogheny River. Long troubled by an overburdened combined sewer system that flooded buildings and polluted nearby streams during storms, three of Ohiopyle's main streets were retrofitted with green infrastructure measures that included pervious pavers for on street parking, a multipurpose trail and landscaped bioswales. Design elements focused on protecting the rural character of the community, enhancing the visitor experience and offering an attractive setting for local businesses and public events.

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