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By Mike Dahl, LC/DBM

3038E Compact Tractor

The 2015 John Deere 3032E and 3038E compact utility tractors are equipped with emissions-compliant Final Tier 4 engines with 31.1 and 37.3 horsepower, respectively. A hydrostatic transmission with Twin Touch(TM) pedals helps operators find the right speed for the job at hand. Automotive-style cruise control is optional. Both models feature a new, higher back seat. The certified rollover protection structure can be manually folded without tools for parking in a garage or shed. The exhaust system was moved from the top of the tractors and now runs parallel to the ground for improved visibility. Four-wheel drive comes standard on the 3032E and 3038E and the machines can be equipped with the John Deere iMatch Quick-Hitch. Like the rest of the compact utility tractor lineup, the 3E Series is an eligible purchase within the GreenFleet(TM) Loyalty Rewards program. The 3038E has an MSRP $20,669.

Landscape installation is one of the most common tasks performed by LC/DBM readers. And hardscape installation is performed by 59.2 percent of you. With that in mind, these pages are filled with the latest models of installation equipment along with their newest innovations and special features.

B95C Loader Backhoe

New Holland Construction's new C Series loader backhoes (the B95C, B95C TC, B95C LR and B110C) feature Tier 4 Final emissions-compliant engines; leveraging SCR technology that is reportedly cool-running, quiet, provides better fuel economy, power and torque, and is separate from the main engine function so it does not compromise horsepower or torque. The optional Auto Glide Ride(TM) control is designed to help reduce spillage even when operating at increased speeds, and let the operator set the engagement speed. The tilt forward hood provides wide access for routine maintenance needs. Besides a full range of attachments available from the manufacturer, an optional auxiliary hydraulic circuit can be used with a mechanical quick-attach system or an electro-hydraulic quick coupler for hookup to many other attachments. And the machines have a category II, 3-point hitch with adjustable sway control, controllable down pressure, optional dual tilt cylinders, and synchromesh with power shuttle for direction changes between the four forward and four reverse gears.

Articulated machines seem to be becoming more popular. The first of these I came across - at GIE a few years back - were from Avant Tecno USA, which keeps on innovating. During a recent conversation with Jukka Lyly-Yrjanainen, the president of the U.S. operations of this Finnish company, he reminded me of the advantages his company advocates, especially "no tearing up of turf."

Super Contractor Truck

Built by Super Lawn Trucks, the Super Contractor Truck combines a walk in tool shed with a dump or stake body. Available in Isuzu three crew member, single cabs and seven crew, four door cabs, its options include 4', 6' or 8' tool sheds with 6' or 12' dumpers with solid body, fold down or add-on, extended height sides; underbody fueling stations; locking tool boxes; pull out steps; roll up side doors and a variety of ramp systems. The Super Contractor Trucks start around $60,000 or $799/month. Engine and body options can bring the price up to around $80,000 or $1200/month.

They turn almost as tightly as a skid steer, and are reported to use 80 percent less diesel, have less tire wear, and less expensive tires. The design of the units with their telescopic boom provides a 360-degree cab view, car-like side entrance, and steering wheel operation. And their compact size allows them to be transported with a smaller truck or trailer. New to the U.S. this year from Italy is another articulated machine, the Multione. It has a double-H, telescopic boom, and three separate pumps to operate the boom, the four-wheel drive hydrostat and any of the 180 attachments. The removable cab is not only a comfort feature, it gives you the option of purchasing a machine without a cab (and buying one later if needed). Dealers are continuing to be added throughout this country.

SSV75 Skid Steer Loader

At this year's World of Concrete tradeshow, Kubota Tractor Corporation unveiled its new SSV-Series skid steer loaders, with two models - the 64 gross horsepower SSV65 and the 74 gross horsepower SSV75. Innovative features include a slide-up, front-entry door that rises overhead instead of swinging out, a dust-resistant pressurized cabin, and an optional multi-function lever allowing fingertip control of major machine and implement functions.

An interesting looking, articulated machine I came across is the MT6 municipal tractor from the Canadian company Trackless Vehicles. It looks more like a UTV with its cab-forward design but is the width of a standard sidewalk, has four-wheel drive and a deep reduction transfer case that provides travel of less than 10 feet per minute. That reminds me of an old Scout I had that could climb near-vertical hills with the "granny gear" engaged.

E-Truck Electric Wheelbarrow

Muck-Truck(R) America introduced the E-Truck, an electric, battery powered wheelbarrow powered by four 12 volt batteries. It can haul up to 800 pounds at 3.5 mph with a noise level of under 5 decibels. This electric "green" model can reportedly run for hours on a charge.

While researching this article, I heard a story that embodies the entrepreneurial spirit of this industry. Two contractors had been running a successful poured concrete and paver patio business for eight years and wanted a better machine for loading, hauling and unloading various materials. After brainstorming and research and development, they created LHD Machinery to manufacture a series of tracked haulers that are a combination of a front-end loader, skid steer and concrete buggy. Tony Abrams, one of the inventors, says all three models "will help users reliably accomplish jobs on their own that would normally take multiple people much longer," and "transform their productivity regardless of small space and small budgets."

SB1-1 Horizontal Auger

SiBore Drill's latest model of horizontal auger, the SB1-1, sports a new 2 stroke Viper engine and delivers over 47 ft.-lbs. of torque at 1.5 horsepower - still only weighing in at 49 lbs. with a 6" auger. According to the manufacturer, these specs raise the SB1-1 to the levels of being one of the most powerful 2-stroke horizontal augers on the market. It can bore up to 10' with extensions, and accommodates auger sizes of 2", 3", 4" and 6".

Something that jumped out at me was that the new diesel machines not only touted having Tier 4 Final emissions-compliant engines, but also having improved engine response, fuel efficiency, serviceability and a host of other advantages. When pressed to improve on one matter (lower diesel emissions) manufacturers seemed to take the opportunity to improve on many matters.

UnderWunder Boring Machine

Weighing in at 96 lbs., UnderWunder's boring machines are designed to be transported without the use of a trailer. They have three-bladed bits with leading carbide tipped edges arranged in a serrated pattern. Water is used to keep the bits cool and to create slurry. The drill stem is manufactured from 1" O.D. extra heavy domestic steel pipe and come in sizes so that a pipe rack is not needed. The majority of components making up the line are manufactured in house.

Ease of serviceability was another improvement that appeared frequently, which can only be a good thing for contractors who want a long life out of their machines without resorting to many trips to their dealers.

E-750 Electric Wheelbarrow

A division of Nu-Star, Power Pusher manufactures the E-750 Electric Wheelbarrow that features a 24v, battery-operated motor, and according to the manufacturer, can run for a total of five miles on a single charge with its rechargeable battery. Rated at moving up to 750 pounds at speeds reaching three miles per hour, this electric wheelbarrow offers a bed capacity of nine cubic feet and a power dump feature that is activated with a push-button on the handle.

Another interesting story related to me was about a fireman, an irrigation equipment manufacturer and a trencher. The fireman, William Trudeau, who came from a landscape background, and whose natural interest in hydraulics and water management led him to become an IA certified irrigation designer and water auditor, was asked by Rainbird to develop an installation system for their new drip irrigation product line. After testing several trenchers, Trudeau found that Brown Product's Bantam trencher was the most effective one. Trudeau then packaged it with a trench line filling machine and a compacting wheel that he designed and sells it under the Tru-Landscape Design name, which is distributed by Pace Distribution. And though they are designed for indoor uses like greenhouses and places where exhaust emissions are really frowned upon, like zoos and wildlife parks, the newly released Muck-Truck(R) E-Truck, a battery powered version of their motorized wheel barrow that is fueled by four 12 volt batteries and can haul up to 800 pounds at 3.5 mph with a noise level of under 5 decibels, is another way for a landscape company to show their customers their green side.

It's good to be green.

Hydraulic Track Installation Kit

The three newest products from Bair are a drive cage bearing carrier group, greaseable drive cage bearing carrier seal, seal retainer ring, and hydraulic track installation kit to install rubber tracks fast with hydraulic tools.

S630 Miniloader

The Multione, a line of compact loaders from Italy that was just introduced here this year, has a double-H, telescopic boom, three separate pumps to operate the boom, the four-wheel drive hydrostat and any of the 180 attachments, a removable cab, and a four-functions joystick. The models run from low-$30,000 to mid-$60,000.

1305BR Power Broom

The self propelled, 47"-wide Turf Teq 1305BR Power Broom offers contractors a variety of applications for generating revenue, including installing and revitalizing synthetic turf, sweeping hardscapes, and cleaning asphalt for re-sealing. Special Features include the ability to change pivot angle and adjust brush pressure from the operator's position. Its price was quoted at
$5,500 - $5,700.

RTK Stand-on Track Trencher

Barreto's new RTK Stand-on Track Trencher is equipped with a fixed platform and has a fine-tuning control adjustment that uses rod linkage instead of cables. The new Adjustable Trenching Control (ATC) can be placed into position to modify the trenching speed of the tracks individually while on the go. Individual track controls can be adjusted separately during operation allowing the operator to keep their trench straight when working on uneven terrain. It is priced between $18,000 - $20,000.

760i Compact Wheeled Loader

Avant Tecno USA, manufacturers of innovative articulated wheeled loaders that are compact, very fuel efficient, turn almost as tightly as a skid steer but do not damage turf or leave skid marks on hard surfaces, recently introduced the 760i, designed for Tier 4 Final compliance and low emissions. Like all of their loaders, this new model has an off-center, telescopic boom for unrestricted forward vision, a side entrance, and a new rear guard. Avant Tecno's new compact model, the 420, starts in the high $20,000 range.

C34-10 Powered Dump

Now in their third generation, Overland Electric Carts feature electric drive systems and proprietary technologies like Smooth Start, Auto Lock, and HillSense. The C27-10A has their largest amount of hauling space - 10 cubic feet - can take on up to 750 lbs. of material, and is outfitted with a power dump. As with all of their powered carts, it uses a twist style throttle.

Atlas Job Site Vehicle

The recently released Atlas Job Site Vehicle (JSV) by Gravely boasts a towing capacity of 2,000 pounds and an all-steel JobBox that has an electric lift that comes standard, a class-leading bed capacity of 1,250 pounds, and with its 18 cubic feet of cargo space, can carry a fully loaded pallet with its tailgate closed.

Carrousel Pump and U-Blend Mixer

The Quikspray Carrousel Pump with peristaltic action was designed for heavy formulas with or without fibers and aggregate for the artificial rock and waterfall industry. The pump can run dry. Several models of the multi-airjet gun are available with changeable orifices for controlling spray pattern and to minimize wear of the nozzle. The U-Blend Mixer features a sealed, stainless steel drive shaft, adjustable legs with wheels, and E-Z dump bottom discharge.

691SP Stump Grinder

Dosko calls their portable one-man stump grinders the fastest on the market. Safety features include their front-mounted cutter wheel. The five-position handlebar adjustment lets the operator choose a comfortable working position and at the same time keep complete control of the machine while grinding.

HPP 60 Post Driver

Rhino Tool Company's new hydraulic products include the HPP 60 Post Driver, HRB 60 and HBR 80 Hydraulic Breakers, HCD 50-200 Core Drill, HBR 22RV Chipping Hammer, HCS Hydraulic Cut-off Saw, HED 2-man Earth Auger, 2-, 3-, and 4-inch Submersible Water Pumps. All of the manufacturer's hydraulic tools can be used with HPP 13 or HPP 18V Power Packs as well as other hydraulic systems with the use of Rhino's flow control devices.

NPR Diesel

With a 13,000-lb. GVWR and a 33.5-inch frame, Isuzu's 2016 NPR Diesel offers more capability than previously available in an entry-level Isuzu diesel truck. The just introduced model is powered by the newest and most modern powerplant in the Isuzu family, the 3.0-liter 4JJ1-TC turbocharged and intercooled diesel engine, which produces 150 horsepower and 282 lb.-ft. of torque at 1,600 to 2,800 rpm. It has an engine life rating of 310,000 miles and is capable of running on B20 biodiesel fuel.

MDL-8 Mechanical Drill

Little Beaver's mechanical drills incorporate the exclusive torque tubes that transfer digging torque from the drill head to the engine carrier, which is designed to eliminate kickbacks and reduce operator fatigue by minimizing vibrations. To further enhance operator safety, the mechanical drills feature a centrifugal clutch. If the drill encounters a buried object or the auger is overloaded, the clutch automatically slips to protect the operator as well as the drive cable and transmission gears. Prices range between $1,800 and $3,200.

R265T Compact Track Loader

Featuring a 74-horsepower turbocharged Tier 4 final diesel engine with variable flow hydraulics, the new 2,650-lb rated operating capacity Terex(R) R265T compact track loader boasts a narrow machine width (70"), and the patented Posi-Track(TM) undercarriage technology with multiple levels of suspension that distributes the machine's 9,180-lb operating weight down to only 3.6 psi of ground pressure. For operator comfort, this loader's undercarriage is suspended from the chassis of the machine by independent torsion axles. The MSRP for the base unit, including a standard 72-inch dirt bucket, is $71,537.

BE400 Bedscaper

The E-Z Trench Bedscaper model BE400 bed edger features zero-turn steering and a patented blade design to reduce vibration. It has a Honda centrifugal clutch instead of a belt-idler drive system. Accessory blades are available to help with installing metal or plastic edging, concrete pavers, landscape timbers, and low voltage lighting.

4500 Tracked Hauler

LHD Machinery is a new company that manufactures a series of tracked haulers that are a combination of a front end loader, skid steer and concrete buggy, allowing one user to load, haul and dump almost any material without ever using a shovel. The 4500 includes a scissor lift to dump loads into truck beds or trailers. The prices range from $10,800 - $13,600.

Bantam Dripline Trencher

After trying other models on the market, Tru-Landscape Design helped with the development of Brown Product's Bantam Dripline Trencher. They report that it went through roots like a stump grinder. The trencher is designed for any type of irrigation pipes up to 1". It can also be used for bed edging and to install wiring. The standard offset from the trencher hood is 9" but a specially designed hood allows the trencher to get as close as 3" from objects. It is priced at $2,675.00.

TX 1000 Compact Loader

The Toro Company recently announced the most powerful Dingo(R) in their lineup - the TX 1000. It has a rated operating capacity exceeding 1,000-lb. When the loader arms are fully-extended, the hinge pin measures 81" from the ground. This model has a vertical lift loader arm design, which keeps the load closer to the machine and increases the reach at full height. The weight-to-power ratio on the narrow track model is 2,610 lbs and wide-track is 2,790 lbs. It is offered in nine different models - from wheeled, tracked, gas or diesel.

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