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June 2016 - The Digital Toolbox
Equipping Landscape Professionals for Success


The WorkplaceAware Report Management System and mobile app help companies better track and solve safety and operational issues in the workplace. With the mobile app, employees can instantly submit photos and report details to management about matters such as near misses, safety and security observations, accidents, faulty or missing equipment, and even supply requests. The report management system provides employers the ability to evaluate safety and operational reports with a thorough level of detail and coordination, which can result in timely interventions that reduce future complications.


John Deere recently launched a telematics interface for their JDLink system. The new dashboard will let customers streamline equipment maintenance management, and documentation of owning and operating costs. Provided metrics include red alerts, machines with zero hours, highest idle and those that are being over or under utilized. The Maintenance Manager feature facilitates maintenance plans using either engine-hour or calendar-based service intervals. The dashboard can be accessed with web browsers, tablets and smartphones.


ConstructConnect provides a collaborative network of information to contractors, subs, designers and building product manufacturers. For instance, subcontractors can access a project database with hundreds of thousands of projects in the bidding and planning phases throughout the U.S. and Canada.


OmniEarth, Inc., has introduced Yardographics™, which analyzes and classifies land cover from satellite and aerial imagery to identify, categorize and analyze property attributes and landscape features within geographic areas so that landscape professionals can focus on their potential customers with greater precision by using comparative information on outdoor spaces.


Invoice2go, a mobile invoicing app, unveiled a new mobile payments feature, powered by Stripe Connect, which allows small businesses to now accept credit and debit card payments immediately through the app, so landscape professionals can create and send an invoice electronically to the customer even before leaving the job site, and get paid directly.


FreshBooks, cloud accounting software designed exclusively for service-based small business owners, recently released a pocket-sized card reader that plugs into an iPhone's audio jack, features dual chip-and-swipe capability and the latest in EMV security technology to protect against fraudulent transactions and liability risks. Credit card information is encrypted and not stored on the device. The full integration with the company's accounting software means invoices and reports are automatically updated as payments are processed.

As seen in LC/DBM magazine, June 2016.

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