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Responses to Questions of Interest to Landscape Contractors


Each month, Landscape Contractor/DBM polls about half of its readers with a question of concern, or just interest, to the green industry. In the past, these have included issues from El Nino inspired consequences to hiring expectations for the coming year.

Here are results from recent "Questions of the Month." Though in no way scientific, they might be insightful.

Most Valuable Piece of Equipment (Based on ROI)
Loaders, in all different flavors (skid steer, front end, wheeled, mini) were the clear winner here with over 39 percent of the respondents choosing them. Mowers were next with close to 21 percent. No other category had much of a showing. Unique examples included: flat shovel, cement mixer, web presence, and good employees.

The Wish List
Asked what they were planning to buy this season, the responses varied quite a bit. Here is a sampling:
New quad-axle truck
Lawn aerator
Bobcat with 24" auger
(Another) 60 hp tractor
John Deere 61" QuikTrak stand-on mower
Earthway Spreader
Dodge 4x4 Diesel pickup
Dodge 5500 Diesel dump truck
International Dump Truck
International Boom Truck with 70' Hi-Ranger aerial device

The Ethanol Effect
Trying to gauge the level of businesses impacted by ethanol-related equipment damage found that 46 percent had, 38 percent had not, and the rest were unsure.

From one reader on this issue: "This is a total nightmare. Every time I turn around, I have to get our equipment worked on due to ethanol (problems)."

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February 26, 2020, 9:15 pm PDT

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