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Missouri's Green Industry Welcomes New Trade Association

Major Missouri GI Associations Merge


The Missouri Green Industry Alliance is a new resource advancing the green industry in Missouri. The organization formed through the merger of MoTOC and MLNA.

The professions of Missouri's green industry, as of Jan. 1, 2017, will be represented by a single professional, nonprofit organization to be known as MoGIA or the Missouri Green Industry Alliance.

Since July of 2015, the leadership of the MLNA (Missouri Landscape and Nursery Association), and the MoTOC (Missouri Turf and Ornamental Council) have been meeting jointly to discuss opportunities to advance the efficiency and effectiveness of Missouri's green industry with a unified voice.

The outcome of these initial joint MLNA/MoTOC leadership meetings realized the theme "COMMON GROUND - we are stronger together." After three professionally facilitated meetings held throughout 2015, the decision was made to approach the memberships of both professional organizations to transition the efforts of the MLNA and MoTOC into a single statewide organization.

At the Dec. 9, 2015, annual meeting of MoTOC and at the Jan. 22, 2016, annual meeting of MLNA, members of both groups voted unanimously to combine their organizations as MoGIA. Soon after approval was received by both memberships, the MoGIA steering committee, comprised of the combined board leadership of MLNA and MoTOC, was formed and met throughout 2016 to pursue the legal and administrative framework of the new organization.

The mission of MoGIA is to provide a unified voice for Missouri's green industry. Its vision to offer a resource that advances the green industry and increases public awareness of its value to Missouri. The leadership board will represent each professional sector of the industry including: landscape (construction, ecological restoration and management), land care (commercial, residential, municipal, arboriculture, irrigation), turf management (commercial, residential, golf, sports turf), landscape architecture and design, production (nursery, greenhouse, sod, support products), distribution (wholesale, sales and brokerage), retail garden centers and institutions of higher learning.

The work of MoGIA will include: educating professionals and students through on-going professional development activities, promoting the green industry's value to the public; advocating for the green industry by providing members with an awareness of the legislative process, keeping them apprised of the results of their efforts.

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