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Back to Natives in Contention for $20,000 in Funding
Green Industry Nonprofit Organizations Honored


Back to Natives is a nonprofit and donor sustained charity dedicated to restoring habitat, using native plants to curb the impact of invasive species.

Back to Natives (BTN) is one of twenty-five nonprofits from across the country chosen from nearly 500 nominations to compete for $20,000 in funding as part of The Renewal Awards, a project sponsored by The Atlantic and Allstate Insurance. The nationwide competition aims to recognize local organizations driving positive change in their communities and bringing progress to the country.

Back to Natives, a green industry chairity, was nominated in the "self-starter" category. These organizations are underdog organizations founded without substantial support from large funders. BTN was one of two green industry nonprofits recognized. Depave, a nonprofit promoting the removal of unnecessary paved surfaces, was nominated in the ingenuity category, honoring projects that promote simple yet creative solutions to solve complex problems.

"We build places for animals to live," said Reginald Durant, executive director, BTN. "Through that we recharge the earth so humans can live. We are proud and honored to be considered for this award."

Back to Natives' mission is to restore habitat, and help communities escape the hardscape. The organization believes the environment cannot be successful without the community, and the community cannot be successful without the environment.

Vote here ( to select your favorite finalist in each category! Look for Back to Natives in the "Self-Starter" category.

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October 17, 2019, 4:44 pm PDT

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