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Entrepreneur Mows White House Lawn
11-Year-Old Invited by President


Mowing lawns are a traditional way for American youth to get their first taste of entrepreneurship. One young man landed a big client, though he worked pro bono, when the White House took him up on his proposal to tend to their grounds.

A few months ago, a ten-year-old boy made news headlines when he wrote a letter to President Trump offering to mow the lawn of the White House.

The boy, now 11, was invited to spend the morning of September 15 at the White House with the groundskeepers to mow the lawn of the Rose Garden.

The president joined Frank "FX" Giaccio while he was hard at work mowing. Later, Frank and his father visited with Trump in the Oval Office.

Frank has a business mowing his neighbors' lawns, and waived his usual $8 fee.

A photo was tweeted by White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders showing Giaccio in action.

The budding businessman told Fox Business Network that Friday morning's assignment was "pretty much the best day of my life."

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August 21, 2019, 1:33 am PDT

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