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New Marysville Fence Ordinance
Regulation Requires Completed Side to Face Neighbor


An interesting decision to require the complete or more decorative side of a fence to be outward facing may have some impacts in a small community located in Michigan.

On November 27, city officials in Marysville, Michigan unanimously passed an ordinance requiring the completed or more decorative side of a personal fence to face the neighboring property.

The amendment to zoning ordinance 470, chapter 51, article 16, section 1645 adds a paragraph requiring "the side of a fence with the more finished or decorative appearance to be oriented to face outward toward adjacent parcels."

There is some flexibility with the law because the owner of an adjacent property may waive the right for the more finished or decorative side, if they choose. In order for this to be legitimate, the "waiver must be in the form of a written consent agreement signed by all owners of the property where the finished or decorative side of the fence would face under the normal requirements of this section and shall be attached to the permit application."

January's edition of Landscape Contractor Magazine will focus primarily on fences and gates; just in time for residents of this small town to peruse a plethora of options in agreement with the new regulation.

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September 20, 2019, 10:34 am PDT

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