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Nominations Open for 2018 ASLA Honors
Awards to Recognize Landscape Achievements


The American Society of Landscape Architects 2018 Honors are awarded to landscape architects and organizations for their service, contributions and achievements in the field.

The American Society of Landscape Architects is accepting nominations for its 2018 Honors awards.

The awards recognize the achievements and contributions of landscaping organizations and individuals.

The highest honor presented is the ASLA Medal, which is awarded to a landscape architect for their "unique and lasting impact on the welfare of the public and the environment."

Other awards include the ASLA Design Medal, Community Service Awards, Jot D. Carpenter Teaching Medal and Landscape Architecture Medal of Excellence.

The ASLA will also recognize individuals who have made contributions to landscape architecture but are not landscape architects themselves.

Nominations will be reviewed by the ASLA Executive Committee and decided by the Board of Trustees in April.

Award recipients will be recognized at the ASLA Annual Meeting in the fall.

The deadline to submit nominations is Jan. 30.
To learn more about the 2018 ASLA Honors visit

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