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EPA Reaches Settlement for Pesticide Violations
FMC Corporation has agreed to Pay $1 Million Fine


The EPA conducts "risk assessments" for pesticides before and after they enter the market. FMC allegedly violated a federal law by omitting product information.

The U.S Environmental Protection Agency announced Dec. 19 the FMC Corporation has agreed to settle alleged violations of federal pesticide regulations.

FMC Corporation is a chemical manufacturing company based in Pennsylvania; they supply pesticides, herbicides and fungicides.

The violations involve advertisements for the "Stallion Insecticide" product, which allegedly omitted required restricted use statements pertaining to proper application of the pesticide. The product can be used for multiple crops including sunflowers.

EPA cited FMC for violating the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA).

FIFRA requires registration of pesticide products, production facilities, proper labels and advertising of pesticides. It also aims to protect public health and the environment and prevent products from making unverifiable or false claims.

Because there are risks to health and the environment with the "Stallion Insecticide," it's classified as a "restricted use pesticide" (RUP) and it should only be used by or with supervision of a certified pesticide applicator.

While the label included RUP designation, it omitted the restricted use and caution from printed advertisements and more than 12,000 direct mailers.

FMC Corporation has agreed to settle the alleged violations for $1 million. More information regarding the EPA's pesticide program can be found at

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