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SDLG's L918F Compact Loader
Meet the Compact Loader with the Versatility of Skid-Steer-Style Attachments


The L918F compact wheel loader has a general purpose bucket mounted to its coupler, placing it in the compact loader category, but allowing it the versatility of skid-steer style attachments.

The L918F compact wheel loader from SDLG is perfect for small landscaping, bulk and material handling, and snow removal jobs. Whether you're moving sand and gravel or salt and snow, it's the economical compact loader suited for all seasons.

Its skid-steer-style coupler makes it a versatile loader fit for multiple attachments - and whether you need to operate at faster speeds to clear snow, or at a slower pace for jobs that aren't time-sensitive, the L918F loader provides the perfect balance. Its low-maintenance engine and basic features make it a simple, compact loader at an affordable price.

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September 20, 2019, 10:30 am PDT

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