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National Drought Watch
Select Areas See "Extreme Drought" Level


The U.S. Drought Monitor map provides a summary of drought conditions across the United States and Puerto Rico. It is described as "a blend of art and science," and is updated weekly. The information is gathered by combining a variety of data-based drought indicators with local expert reports.

February 1, 2018, the National Drought Mitigation Center released its most current U.S. Drought Map (featured above), showing that parts of the American Southwest are currently experiencing some level of drought conditions.

Portions of Arizona, Oklahoma and northern Texas are seeing the most severe droughts, with these zones receiving a D3 rating, or "Extreme Drought."

Parts of Texas have begun to enact an outdoor burn ban, after the Texas A&M Forest Service issued a "very high" fire danger alert. Texas has been dealing with drought conditions now for several months after historic rainfall from Hurricane Harvey.

According to, more than 60% of the entire U.S. is experiencing a D1 drought rating or higher. The LA Times is reporting that 44% of the state of California has moderate drought conditions.

Landscape Contractor Magazine - Design, Build, Maintain will feature an article on a free resource book about drought friendly landscaping in its February 2018 edition regarding sustainable landscaping practices.

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