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NALP Plans for National Landscape Career Day
Nationwide Program Calls for Education and Community Involvement in the Industry


NALP has announced the creation of National Landscape Career Day. The event was created to help address the labor shortage, and will encourage businesses to host community events to promote opportunities available in the landscape industry.

The National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) has called for the creation a of National Landscape Career Day, to take place in March or April.

The NALP is encouraging businesses to begin planning events and outreach to their communities. They are asking the events be registered with the association so they can communicate with event planners.

Suggested events include career fairs and school presentations to generate excitement about the landscape industry with students. "Landscape Career Day is modeled after similar events held in other industries that have proven that positive exposure to a profession can dramatically impact students' interest in pursuing related careers and educators' interest in encouraging students to pursue related career paths," noted Missy Henriksen, NALP's vice president of public affairs.

The Industry Growth Initiative has provided the toolkit, which is available on the NALP's website. The kit includes ideas and tips for planning an event and getting communities interested in what landscaping opportunities are available.

"We need to change people's impressions of the profession by helping them touch and feel the important and rewarding work done by the talented men and women who help families, communities, and the environment each and every day," Henrickson says.

Those participating are encouraged to use the hash tags #LandscapeCareerDay2018, #LandscapeCareers and #WhyWeLoveLandscape to promote their events on social media.

The toolkit can be found here. (

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August 24, 2019, 10:41 pm PDT

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