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The Konnection Swing Is Engaging Play
Part of the BCI Burke mission to bring a higher level of play to communities around the world



The Konnection(TM) Swing is an interactive play piece designed for two, whether it be a parent/caregiver and child, or two children, offering face-to-face personal interaction.

As part of the BCI Burke mission to bring a higher level of play to communities around the world, we introduce the Konnection(TM) Swing, a swing specially designed for maximum engagement between caregiver and child.

The Konnection Swing is part of the Burke product line dedicated to enhancing play experiences and creating memorable connections for all users. With welcoming, flowing design lines users will be attracted to the comforting form.

The Growing Need for Connection
Today's high paced world needs a space to promote true face-to-face connection, development and offer everyone an opportunity to engage. In the age of media overuse, the Konnection Swing is a timely introduction dedicated to reimagining our connections. Study after study, including a recently published study from Deloitte, conducted by Ipsos MORI, found that to be the case. According to the survey, which polled 2,000 U.S. internet users ages 18 to 75, most people check their device approximately 47 times per day with younger users even higher at roughly 86 times a day.

"With all of the media connections pulling us away from true, face-to-face connections, people need a place to go to renew their playfulness and reconnect with the outdoors, with themselves and with their loved ones," said Sarah Lisiecki, a marketing communications specialist for BCI Burke. "Having a playground product specifically designed for the purpose of connecting people, whether it be caregiver/child or two children, offers the kind of interactions we all seek," she added.

A Continued Focus on User Experience
Creating a positive user experience begins with comfort. Designed with a generous-sized seat to accommodate a variety of people with ease, the Konnection Swing focuses on support and comfort wrapped up in a clean and welcoming form. Using the Konnection Swing should be intuitive for everyone. With an exclusive mechanism to hold the backrest at the top while entering the swing, it allows for a person holding a child to enter without having to hold the entry point out of the way. An optional side entrance offers a bigger child the opportunity to climb through and sit with the parent, caregiver or other child. The product is so unique that Burke decided to seek a patent for the Konnection Swing.

Using the swing is an incredible experience that promotes intergenerational play, engagement and interaction when adults and children swing together. Swinging advances skills such as cooperation, teamwork and develops users' proprioceptive systems. The overall design helps foster true connection in both eye contact and proximity and helps everyone make time for the connections that are important to us.

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August 21, 2019, 1:23 am PDT

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