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Economic Association Deem Neonicotinoids Safe
New Article Disputes 'Dangerous' Label


An article published in the Competitive Enterprise Institute offers new insight into the ban on neonicotinoids.

The Competitive Enterprise Institute, which advocates for the "uncompromising case for economic freedom because (they) believe it is essential for entrepreneurship, innovation, and prosperity to flourish," has published an article that disputes the use of neonicotinoids being labeled as dangerous.

The article argues that the push for pesticide bans has been due to an unfair skewing of research that incorrectly stated the use of neonicotinoids is dangerous to honey bees.

It cites the growing bee population as proof there is not a cause for concern, and points out there is other significant threats to the populations due to other factors, such as: habitat challenges, diseases and poor beekeeping methods.

While it does concede that pesticides may add to stress, the article cites the use of precautionary studies to come to this conclusion as an issue.

The article argues the conclusion was reached by relying on outliers in the studies, and not the potential benefits that are available to those who take advantage of neonicotinoids.

To read the full article, which includes in depth analysis of the studies, click here.

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October 17, 2019, 4:42 pm PDT

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