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Surrey, ND Wins "Dire States" Equipment Grant
City Receives $25,000 in Free Equipment Rentals


The climate of Surrey, N.D. varies drastically, from very hot and humid in the summer months, to severely cold in the winter. Due to this, large amounts of flooding from snowmelt occur annually. The equipment grant is aimed at alleviating some of the stress on infrastructure that the town experiences, which in turn fortifies public safety due to the lessening exposure to standing water.

The 1,365-person town of Surrey, N.D. won this year's CASE Dire States Grant, amounting to $25,000 worth of equipment rentals. The equipment will be used to improve the town's drainage systems and bolster future flood control projects.

The local affiliated equipment distributor, Titan Machinery, will supply the township's public works department with the rental equipment they request. Based on information acquired from the city of Surrey's homepage, there are only a total of 3 public works employees.

A press release regarding the contest states, "Due to years of sudden urban planning and insufficient funding, several drainage-ways have filled with years of sediment, restricting natural run-off of stormwater and yearly snowmelt."

In conjunction with this, there are several roads in the city that require the installation of drainage ditches to prevent further flooding. The equipment provided by the contest will aid in these repairs as well as improving flood related infrastructure in the town.

"Dire States is about making an impact on communities that have struggled under the weight of their crumbling infrastructure," says Michel Marchand, vice president - North America, of the equipment manufacturing company. "Drainage control and flood mitigation are essential when it comes to positioning a city for growth, and Surrey's projects will improve multiple facets of the community and its operations."

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August 17, 2019, 11:00 am PDT

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