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The 10-Minute Walk Campaign Spreads Across the Country
Organizations Join to Develop Park Accessibility Programs


Park and recreation associations are striving to develop and enhance parks to benefit communities around the U.S. Programs are being implemented to create a healthier, collective environment.

The National Recreation and Parks Association has joined with the Trust for Public Land and the Urban Land Institute to improve park programs, known as the "10-Minute Walk Campaign." These organizations have identified the need for better park accessibility and quality in communities throughout the United States. The goal is to work with the city leaders to establish parks that are within a 10-minute walk from residences, thereby promoting a healthier physical, social, and environmental community.

In April 2018, twelve cities received $40,000 in grants towards improving the quality and funding of parks over the next year. Cities aim to connect communities with park programs, create trails for multiple uses, and develop "pocket parks" in areas that lack sufficient park space. There are numerous factors that are involved in the planning and funding of these parks. Park organizations will need to focus on funding, policies, community engagement, connectivity, and design programs to ensure maintainable and high-quality parks.

The 12 cities that received the grants are:
1) Anchorage, Alaska
2) Austin, Texas
3) Camden, New Jersey
4) Chattanooga, Tennessee
5) Clarkston, Georgia
6) El Cajon, California
7) Grand Rapids, Michigan
8) Lewisville, Texas
9) New Rochelle, New York
10) Orlando, Florida
11) Rochester, New York
12) Tukwila, Washington

This May, the NRPA is also collaborating with Oklahoma City Parks and Recreation and other park leaders from around the country to discuss ways of ensuring that parks and recreation programs continue to enhance the economy and businesses.

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September 20, 2019, 3:48 am PDT

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