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NALP Reports on Most Valuable Landscaping Upgrades
Realtors Rank Landscape Investments


Certain landscape projects may result in increased curbside appeal and greater homeowner satisfaction upon completion. Realtors are suggesting using landscape to increase property values.

The NALP and the National Association of Realtors released the 2018 Report: Outdoor Feature, a list of the most valuable outdoor investments for properties.

The report evaluated 13 residential projects and 10 commercial projects. Realtors and the NALP reported on why property owners should make the investments and included the value recouped at resale.

The top ranked investment was general lawn care; with realtors saying it is highly valuable at resale and recoups 267 percent of the cost. Landscape maintenance and tree care were both valued at 100 percent, followed by irrigation system installation at 86 percent.

The report also included a satisfaction rating from homeowners after completion of a project. Some owners reported taking greater pride in being at home following the completion of a project. The most satisfying projects according to homeowners were fire features and irrigation installations, with both receiving a score of 10 on the joy scale.

The report emphasized the importance of landscape investments and the value landscape projects can add to property value.

For commercial property owners, realtors suggest also making improvements to increase curb appeal. And they advise having a landscape service, lawn care and completing a landscape upgrade.

Suggest to customers what projects may make their property stand out, and encourage them to make use of your company's services to preserve their home.

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