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July 2018 Named "Smart Irrigation Month" by IA
Landscape and Turf Irrigation Will be Highlighted


The IA deemed July 2017 Smart Irrigation Month and the association plans to continue that tradition this year. There will be tools provided by the IA for members to connect with the public about the importance of smart irrigation.

The Irrigation Association deemed July 2017 "Smart Irrigation Month," and will again celebrate July 2018 to promote the social, economic and environmental benefits of efficient irrigation.

On July 10 the association will kick off the month by celebrating irrigation technologies. All companies and organizations associated with the IA are encouraged to use this as an opportunity to promote more sustainable and efficient irrigation.

Smart Irrigation Month will also focus on public outreach and awareness, by hosting a video contest and creating a social media campaign. The video contest will be conducted through social media and winners will receive IA store credit which can be used to register for a class or show.

Tools to engage with the public will be released, including drafts of letters to the editor and tips on how to engage with local press.

The IA will continue their advocacy efforts on smart irrigation and encourage people to weigh in with Congress on the 2018 farm bill and the EPA's water sense program.

More information about Smart Irrigation Month can be found here.

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