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The Wonderful World of Plants
Did You Know?

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Flowers entice pollinators with bright colors, shapes, patterns, fragrances and even temperatures in some cases. Yes, yes, we know that! Well, not about the temperatures, but the rest, yes!

But did you know that bumblebees also find their way to nectar by detecting the stronger electrostatic field produced by flowers with abundant nectar supplies? Flowers low on nectar apparently do want to advertise their diminished supply to the bumblebees, only their surplus. The bumblebees detect the electrostatic field through their hair follicles. The bumblebees themselves fly around with a low-level positive.

Unlike humans, bumblebees and honeybees, and every flying pollinator of comparable size, can sense electrical fields. Bumblebees fly around with a low-level positive electrostatic charge themselves.

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