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Celebrate Park and Recreation Month
NRPA Offers Tips for Discovery


NRPA encourages everyone to learn how parks and recreation improve the quality of life, and to share their discoveries.

July is "Park and Recreation Month" and NRPA offers five tips to discover the roles of local parks and recreation in the community:
1) Visit your local park and rec agency's website
2) Follow your local park and rec agency on social media
3) Sign up to receive email newsletters from your local park and rec agency
4) Talk to an employee at your local park and rec center
5) Volunteer at your local park or rec center

NRPA also urges people to share their discoveries by posting on social media #DiscoverJuly.

And, the organization is hosting a weekly contest for these posts. To submit entries, use #NRPADiscoveryChallenge. For more information about Park and Recreation month, visit

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August 19, 2019, 10:29 am PDT

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