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ASLA Joins Careers Building Communities Platform
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The Careers Building Communities website was designed with the hopes of raising awareness to the many careers available in the real estate-related environment, including the landscape architectural profession.

ASLA has joined 28 real estate industry organizations to emphasize the landscape architectural profession and other career paths in the related industry. A new website launched called Careers Building Communities, which began as a collaborative platform between real estate organizations that represented over 10 million jobs. It allows high school, college and technical program students to discover various career opportunities in the sector. Through this website, students even as young as grade school can be introduced to the profession.

Visitors on this "all-inclusive resource" can take interactive quizzes and learn about diverse education and employment opportunities through an overview of the landscape architectural profession and other resources and guides, such as ASLA's career discovery website.

"ASLA is committed to helping more people, especially students, discover landscape architecture as a fulfilling, rewarding career that truly benefits communities through great design. We hope that 'Careers Building Communities' will help steer more people to become landscape architects," said Nancy Somerville, executive VP and CEO of ASLA.

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August 18, 2019, 12:49 am PDT

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