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Latinos in the Workforce Class by OSU
Online Class Aimed at American Workers


The new class falls within Ohio State University's College of Food, Agriculture and Environmental Sciences. Other online classes that the college has available and may be helpful for landscape contractors include: "Golf Course Management," "Baseball Field Management," "Sports Turf Management" and "Synthetic Field Management."

Ohio State University is now offering a completely online course titled, "Latinos in the Workforce - Communication and Culture," that is designed to introduce American students, workers, supervisors and business owners to current issues in the workplace where Latinos and Americans interact.

Legal issues, historical data and culture and their effects on communication in the workplace will be main focuses of the course. The course is entirely in English, and no Spanish will be taught.

The course description states, "The principles learned in this course are applicable in any industry where Latinos work and should benefit anybody interacting with this important sector of the workforce in the US."

It is entirely online and registration costs $600. Every registrant can work at their own pace to complete the course and the curriculum consists of videos and quizzes.

Topic Areas Include:
• Who are the Latinos? - Demographics
• Communication and Culture
• Stereotype - How to avoid stereotyping
• Pre-Columbian Cultures and the rise of the Mexican nation
• Religion and the family in the Latino culture
• Time perception, sense of space, & language and culture
• Communication Latino style and Latino's workplace dynamics
• Latinos as supervisors, workers and colleagues
• Attracting, hiring and training Latinos
• Employment and immigration issues - Legal aspects
• And more...

In order to register or learn more, head on over to OSU's page HERE.

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February 26, 2020, 9:47 pm PDT

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