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L.A. Recreation and Parks Department Receives Grant
Trees Lost to Pests and Drought to Be Replaced

L.A. Recreation and Parks Department Receives Grant

Drought and pests have been killing Los Angeles trees for years, leaving many parks with very few shade trees.

Over the last several years, trees have been disappearing from Los Angeles parks due to the drought as well as damage done by the polyphagous shot hole borer beetle.

However, the Los Angeles Recreation and Parks Department (RAP) is hoping to combat tree loss with the CAL FIRE grant, a $1.3 million grant that will allow park officials to create a database of all the trees in Los Angeles city parks. Retrieving such information is vital to the replacement of lost trees as well as education and awareness of proper tree care and maintenance.

Formerly, the city had no way to account for trees that are threatened or dying in parks as there was never a full tree inventory for Los Angeles.

In addition to tree inventory, the grant is also expected to pay for more than 600 new tree plantings in parks to replace trees lost to pests and drought.

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August 24, 2019, 5:39 am PDT

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