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NJNLA Releases Pest PSA Video
Warning About Spotted Lanternfly Infestation

NJNLA Releases Pest PSA Video

When the Spotted Lanternfly infects an area, trees develop weeping wounds that leave a greyish or black trail along the trunk. This sap often attracts other insects to feed, such as wasps and ants.

The New Jersey Nursery and Landscape Association recently posted a public service announcement video on YouTube, alerting New Jersey residents to a Spotted Lanternfly infestation. Mercer County, Warren County and Hunterton County have all been quarantined in order to prevent the pest from spreading and damaging crops in other areas.

First found in Pa., in 2014 and spreading to both Va., and N.J., in 2018, this insect is a potential threat to several important crops including grapes, peaches and timber trees. Each female can lay up to 100 eggs or more and will lay eggs on many different objects, including rocks, trees and cars. Drivers then travel to different counties with the eggs attached to their cars, aiding in the spread of the pest. In the late summer and fall, the Spotted Lanternfly prefers feeding on Ailanthus altissima, commonly known as the "Tree of Heaven."

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October 18, 2019, 10:41 pm PDT

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