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Many readers weighed in on the federal tax reform but most felt it was too early to determine how the tax code changes will affect their business. However there were these thoughts:

The rich get richer - the poor, poorer.

I think it will make America great again. Win/win for the construction business.

One more tax law reform.

It will cause me increased prices on installations and repairs.

Even my accountant is unsure.

And simply, "Good."

On the issue of DACA, which is being decided on legislatively and through the courts:

NO DACA - only legal immigrants program, guest workers or seasonals; then return to foreign country of orgin.

DACA is a political mess. Politicians on both sides are using the issue. However, all landscape workers should be here legally. Green cards? Citizens? Figure it our people and get back to us.
Huntington Beach, Calif.

Help those that are here,, install the wall, stop future illegal immigration and increase the work visas. SIMPLE!

Asking for trends in projects this season, one responder echoed the previous comment with "We need workers." Others stuck more closely to the intent of the question:

Soil erosion, drainage, dry creek beds.

Everyone seems to be wanting to do entire backyard additions with fire pits.

Random Musings:
Everything has gone up - equipment, trucks, supplies, fuel and labor. We all need to increase our prices

If we became licensed like tradesman, i.e. plumbers/electricians, people can make living wage period!

We need an article on California native plants and other drought-tolerant, low water use plants.

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September 22, 2019, 10:54 am PDT

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