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New Website to Aid in Environmental Best Practices
Aimed at Maryland's Eastern Shore but Applicable Elsewhere

New Website to Aid in Environmental Best Practices

"This compendium is intended to be a living resource for local decision-makers on the Eastern Shore and beyond. It is formatted as an interactive quick reference guide to provide insight to make well-informed choices about pollution-reducing practices to help the Chesapeake Bay," Tom Leigh told the University of Maryland.

Environmental researchers at the University of Maryland's Harry R. Hughes Center for Agro-Ecology have recently released a new website that aims to inform the public and maintenance professionals of the best practices for the utilization of a wide range of environmental-type landscape features.

The website is called" onclick="''); return false;)" target="_blank">, and while the overall theme is environmental best practices for Maryland's eastern shore, the information can be utilized throughout the entire country.

Some of the best management practices covered on the site include: bioswales, urban infiltration practices, permeable pavement, reduction of impervious urban surfaces, erosion and sediment control, rain gardens and more.

Each category of best practices includes a lot of information within. For instance, under the bioswale section, purpose/function, public acceptance, implementation based on difficulty, funding sources, estimated costs and nitrogen reduction are just a few of the subcategories.

An article by the University of Maryland states that was created in order to address concerns raised by "Eastern Shore government officials and staff at the 2015 Healthy Waters Round Table that there was a need for an understandable and comprehensive source of information on best management practices."

The content on the website was authored by Tom Leigh, a former local Riverkeeper and Chesapeake Bay Trust program director.

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September 22, 2019, 10:49 am PDT

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