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OAN Report Reveals High 2017 Plant Sales
Second-Highest Year Behind 2007

OAN Report Reveals High 2017 Plant Sales

Oregon leads the United States with more than 61,000 acres of land in nursery production. The state is also the nationaEUR(TM)s top grower of coniferous evergreens and deciduous shade and flowering trees.

The Oregon Association of Nurseries has recently announced that 2017 was the industry's second-best sales year on record, according to a report released by the Oregon Department of Agriculture. Only in 2007 were the financial figures higher.

Oregon's wholesale and retail nurseries made an estimated $947 million in sales last year, making nursery and greenhouse crops the top agricultural commodity in the state. Jeff Stone, executive director of the OAN, attributes the success of the market to sales across state lines. He states that more than 75 percent of plant material grown in Oregon is sold and shipped to other parts of the country.

2017 was the eighth consecutive year of sales growth for Oregon's nurseries, and the state remains the nation's third-leading nursery provider behind California and Florida.

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October 16, 2019, 12:42 am PDT

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