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Oregon Organization Supports Pollinators
Partnering with Oregon Association of Nurseries

Oregon Organization Supports Pollinators

Oregon has a unique landscape of gardens, farmlands, natural areas and forests that help support and maintain approximately 500 species of bees. The Oregon Bee Project is training regional bee education teams to talk to the public about bees and ways to preserve them.

The Oregon Bee Project is a collaborative effort between the Oregon Department of Agriculture, the Oregon State University Extension Service, the Oregon Department of Forestry and individual stakeholders that was initiated in 2017. Together, these pollinator supporters are releasing several initiatives to advocate for bee health in Oregon. This includes promoting companies and organizations that are actively engaged in preserving bees.

The organization has recently released its long-term plan to affect how Oregon treats its local pollinators. In the next three years, the Oregon Bee Project will partner with the Oregon Association of Nurseries in order to promote the installation and growth of pollinator-friendly plants in the state. Because many professionals from other states find their plant materials in Oregon, promoting bee-friendly plants locally could potentially influence the entire nation.

The Oregon Bee Project's first goal is to develop Bee Protection Protocols that are focused on pollinator health. To encourage the adoption of pollinator-friendly actions, the organization will label farms and nurseries that advocate for bees as Oregon Bee Project Innovators, using social media platforms to showcase their businesses.

Eventually, the members of the Oregon Bee Project want to transform Bee Protection Protocols into a system to determine the best plants for bees found in Oregon and list them as Oregon Bee Project Pollinator-Friendly Plant Picks. Such a system would make it easy for companies searching for plants in Oregon to find ones that support bees. With consumers willing to pay premium prices for bee-friendly plantings, according to a recent survey in Connecticut, it is vital to recognize and prioritize pollinator favorites.

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