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BCI Burke Company Levels Up the Play Experience
Level XTM Play System Unveiled

BCI Burke Company Levels Up the Play Experience

The newly introduced Level XTM play system includes moving elements, climbing paths and ropes, and can be set up as a freestanding piece or a part of a post and platform structure.

As part of the Burke mission to bring a higher level of play to communities around the world, we introduce the Level XTM, a play system that brings the best of play to children.

The Level X is part of the Burke product line dedicated to enhancing play experiences and creating Play That Moves You for everyone. With sculptural artistic lines, the Level X could be mistaken for an art installation; however, it is so much more.

BCI Burke Company Levels Up the Play Experience

A few unique features and benefits include:
• Sweeping arches, abstract forms and dynamic shapes create an art-like form while maximizing play value.
• Level X encourages interactive play, teamwork and engagement by boasting moving elements that interplay with nearby surfaces making each play experience unique, exciting and cooperative.
• Never-ending design options include a freestanding play system or attached to a more traditional post and platform structure or as part of the Nucleus/Intensity fusion to create a fitness-focused play system for children.
• Creativity abounds when children discover the endless climbing paths and exciting ways to reach their destination.
• From a child's perspective, Level X appears to be a massive maze of paths and ropes ripe for exploration as bridges cross each other and add dimension and an element of surprise.

BCI Burke Company Levels Up the Play Experience

Creating Play That Moves You means seeking inspiration from our environments, from those around us and from our experiences. Level X was inspired by urban architecture and the world's most famous bridges and is designed to be an all-encompassing system with climbing, sensory and tactile experiences for children of all abilities.

BCI Burke Company Levels Up the Play Experience

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