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Percussion Play Introduces New Ground Piano
Inspired by the Movie "Big"

Percussion Play Introduces New Ground Piano

This is Percussion Play's latest product, the Grand Floor Piano, featured in its newest product line of floor pianos. This type of product combines three unique elements of play: music, exercise and fun.

To pay homage to the 1988 movie "Big," staring Tom Hanks, and its 30th year anniversary, Percussion Play, an outdoor musical instrument manufacturer based in the United Kingdom, announced their two newest products, the Baby Floor Piano and the Grand Floor Piano.

The ground pianos are engineered to work in any weather condition and are installed flush with the ground. They are built of stainless steel, and the Baby Floor Piano includes 13 notes while the Grand Floor Piano holds 25. The manufacturer's suggested retail price is $25,500 for the smaller piano and $54,060 for the larger. Both options are made to order and take 8-10 weeks to ship.

Percussion Play's website states that the larger piano is wide enough to accommodate four to five people, while the baby piano is better suited for one to two people.

Regarding the inspiration for the products, their website states, "One of our all-time favorite movies is the 1988 Tom Hanks film 'Big,' the story of a boy trapped in an adult's body who ends up working in a toy business. The scene that left an indelible mark is Hanks and Robert Loggia playing 'Chopsticks' on a giant electronic keyboard in a toy store... [it] got us thinking how wonderful it would be to be able to design a product that could replicate this outside."

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October 17, 2019, 9:16 am PDT

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