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Duke University Wins ASLA Honor Award
Juxtaposing Heritage and Invention for Duke's West Campus

Duke University Wins ASLA Honor Award

Duke's West Campus features an integrated lighting plan that creates safety while simultaneously instituting place making.

Duke University Wins ASLA Honor Award

Beneath this plaza is a five-bay loading dock for trucks that is accessed by a road located on the left side of this picture. This ingenious design is most likely what aided in Duke winning an Honor Award this year.

ASLA 2018 Honor Award, General Design Category. Legacy and Community: Juxtaposing Heritage and Invention for Duke University's West Campus by Reed Hilderbrand LLC Landscape Architecture (Cambridge, Massachusetts) for Duke University. Photo: James Ewing

This year, the American Society of Landscape Architects awarded Duke University's West Campus, and its lead designers, with an ASLA Honor Award in the General Design Category. In order to win this award, the establishment must be a public, an institutional or a private landscape.

With Duke winning this award, one of only eight given this year, it marks the second time any project from North Carolina has won the national award for design in "several decades," states DukeToday.

Five specific areas of Duke's West Campus received laud for their designs, which include: Abele Quad, Crown Commons, Penn Pavilion Terrace, Union Drive and Perkins Library.

The ASLA description for the award reads, "While the timing and funding of each implementation project has been driven by specific institutional priorities, all realize a larger ambition to shape a sustainable, connected, and activated student precinct that celebrates the history of the campus while engaging a progressive view of student life and academic diversity."

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