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2017 HNA Award Winners
Photos and information provided by ICPI

by Dennis Smith, ICPI Director of Marketing

In honor of Hardscape North America happening this month, LC/DBM traditionally presents the previous year's Hardscape Project Award winners.

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2017 HNA Award Winners

Pasqualoni Pool Project
South Windsor, Connecticut
Concrete Paver - Residential
(More than 3,000 square feet)
Contractor: Bahler Brothers (South Windsor, Conn.)
Manufacturer: Techo-Bloc
Designer: Ryan King, Bahler Brothers

The design intent for this backyard resort ensured there would be enough space for entertaining large crowds of family and friends. There needed to be multiple gathering spaces serving different purposes for the guests and homeowners. The project's focal point is the pool with a large patio space connecting the different backyard spaces and functions. Some of the design features include a large outdoor kitchen, a seating area to enjoy sunsets, an over-sized, sunken fire pit area and a bocce ball court.

2017 HNA Award Winners

Foutch Residence
Logan, Iowa
Concrete Paver - Residential
(More than 3,000 square feet)
Contractor: Paver Designs, LLC (Omaha, Neb.)
Manufacturer: Belgard and Techniseal
Designer: Justin Hampton, Paver Designs LLC

Paver Designs, a two-man father and son company, was hired to design and build a one-of-a-kind outdoor living space. The homeowners began with a dilapidated 10'x 10' cedar deck. They wanted a space for large groups of guests and family to congregate and relax. A grilling area/bar, a fire feature and signature custom inlays were installed. A multi-level design cut further into a hillside and sloped towards the house allowing for more usable space. The inlay was initially drawn freehand with chalks onto the field of pavers. Once both parties were satisfied with the drawing, the design was cut into the patio. The colors were chosen for the border and the inlays to mimic the color of the trim and intricate woodwork on the 100-year old home.

2017 HNA Award Winners

Local Government Federal Credit Union (LGFCU)
Raleigh, North Carolina
Concrete Paver - Commercial
(More than 15,00 square feet)
Contractor: Fred Adams Paving Co. (Morrisville, N.C.)
Manufacturer: Hanover Architectural Products
Designer: Stewart Landscape

Situated on five acres and measuring 100,000 square feet, the newly repositioned building reflects a banking culture of transparency, longevity and enterprising use of technology. Strong architectural elements create distinct zones for private and public operations. These horizontal and vertical zones are housed in two areas organized off the internal "Main Street" of the facility, creating synergies of diverse activity. With a fully integrated transit shelter, employees access the workplace through public transportation, eliminating the need for expansive surface parking. The facility features an integrated parking garage, which also reduces that need. An outdoor courtyard includes space for employee lunches, a zone for private calls, an outdoor venue for informal meetings and large catered events.

2017 HNA Award Winners

Blue Bell Country Club Fire Pit Lounge
Blue Bell, Pennsylvania
Concrete Paver - Commercial
(Less than 15,000 square feet)
Contractor: FS Landscaping Contractors (Furlong, Pa.)
Manufacturer: Belgard
Designer: Brian Stover, FS Landscaping Contractors

The fire pit construction began with excavation into a hillside along the edge of the 18th hole and clubhouse pond. To maximize the area, a custom curved Trex deck cantilevered over the edge of the pond, constructed flush to the patio and fire pit lounge to compliment the curved deck. The fire pit includes a wirelessly controlled gas unit and was custom built using Antique wall stone. A retaining/sitting wall, pillars and boulders complete the retention of hillside. Plant material was installed to soften the hardscape and provide spring and summer color. TruScapes Landscape & Hardscape Lighting was installed to complete this outdoor living space for guests to enjoy into the evening hours.

2017 HNA Award Winners

Emile Court Residence
Gillett, Wisconsin
Photo: Emile-Court.jpg Concrete - Permeable Residential
Contractor: Shawano Lawn and Stone (Shawano, Wis.)
Manufacturer: County Materials Corporation
Designer: Shawano Lawn and Stone

When this property was purchased as a lakeside cottage, the new owners inherited a deteriorating wood deck. They wanted to update their backyard with a patio that would last with a clean, modern look. The homeowners looked to concrete pavers for durability, however, local county zoning requirements mandated there could not be any impermeable surfaces within 100 feet of the shoreline. To achieve their desired look, they selected a solid white colored Holland paver with solid gray pavers for a border. The white pavers were laid in a herringbone pattern. For the circular patio and curved pathways, the design required accurate measuring and careful cutting on many pavers. Special design consideration was given to the selection and installation of base materials to properly capture and filter storm water.

2017 HNA Award Winners

University of Tennessee - University Center Bridge
Knoxville, Tennessee
Concrete Paver - Permeable Commercial
Contractor: Hickory Hardscapes (Knoxville, Tenn.)
Manufacturer: Belgard

The University of Tennessee wanted to support a Masterpiece with a well-designed permeable walkway that would connect the classrooms on "The Hill" to the Library with the University's Neyland Football Stadium in the backdrop. Hickory Hardscapes constructed the design using four different colors of Belgard Aqua-Roc II in a basket weave pattern. Keeping lines straight over these long distances is very difficult to accomplish with the basket weave pattern, and Hickory Hardscapes nailed it! The University of Tennessee loved this permeable walkway so much they have used it for numerous events, including news channels. Every time ESPN's GameDay is at UT for football, they will set up their broadcast booth on the area.

2017 HNA Award Winners

Yazar Residence
Dublin, Ohio
Segmental Retaining Wall - Residential
Contractor: Hedge Landscape LLC (Columbus, Ohio)
Manufacturer: Reading Block
Designer: Hedge Landscape LLC

When the homeowners started the design process with Hedge Landscape, they had a blank canvas that included a 12-foot grade change. A multi-level patio design used the AB Europa Collection from Allan Block with Abbey Blend patterned retaining walls to solve the grade change with terraced walls. A large raised patio area and a flowing stairway with landings offered a smooth transition to the larger areas below. The next two patio levels include an in-ground pool, outdoor kitchen/bar, fireplace and a custom cedar open-air roof system, which provided adequate shade. The kitchen/bar was built using the AB Courtyard Collection - a two-sided patio wall system. The bar countertops, fireplace areas and footrest were custom cut out of natural limestone pieces to accent the walls below. The hand-laid masonry fireplace and chimney were veneered with natural stone. A contemporary bluestone walkway leads directly to the main steps of the pool, which is located at the lowest patio level. This patio used thermal cut bluestone with a soldier course of Reading Rock Oxford tumbled pavers. The custom backyard project matched the homeowners' requests and they have many events planned in the years to come.

2017 HNA Award Winners

Weston Corners
Cary, North Carolina
Segmental Retaining Wall - Commercial
Contractor: Delta Development (Raleigh, N.C.)
Manufacturer: Fay Block
Designer: Delta Development, Terratech Engineers

Weston Corners is a new luxury mixed-use development in Cary, North Carolina. The site required several significant retaining walls with one close to the property line, street and a building. The retaining walls were originally designed as cast-in-place with brick pilasters, but the bids returned drastically over budget. Working with Terratech Engineers and Fay Block, Delta Development presented 25 to 30 foot tall Allan Block Ashlar Blend patterned retaining walls with a unique, deeper faced unit to create the appearance of pilasters or columns. One of the first challenges included a gas easement near the back of the wall, which eliminated the ability to install supporting geogrid. The solution was a shotcrete wall with soil nails to reinforce the soil mass and avoid cutting into the gas easement. The shotcrete included weep holes, which tied into a PVC pipe encased with concrete and ran behind the wall, tying into the storm system to reduce the likelihood of water problems. The wall itself went up in just six weeks once all the challenges were overcome. The owner was very happy with the entire process and final appearance.

2017 HNA Award Winners

Outlets of San Clemente
San Clemente, California
Clay Brick - Commercial
Contractor: PBC Companies (Brea, Calif.)
Manufacturer: Endicott Clay Products

Recent installation of clay pavers for a new outlet mall in southern California incorporates 2-1/4"x 4"x 8" square edge pavers for heavily traveled pedestrian areas. The Endicott pavers provide a breathtaking vibrant color that blends with the landscape of Southern California and a quality pavement system that will last for years with minimum or no maintenance. The owner's goal was to choose an attractive, yet permanent product that would set his shopping center apart from others for his tenants and the everyday shopper. The Endicott pavers are laid on a flexible base allowing for expansion and light pedestrian traffic.

2017 HNA Award Winners

East Windsor Historical Society
East Windsor, Connecticut
Clay Brick - Permeable
Contractor: Bahler Brothers (South Windsor, Conn.)
Manufacturer: Pine Hall
Designer: Jen Kloter

The East Windsor Historical Society renovated a circa 1785 home that functioned for public and private gatherings. They needed to provide wheelchair access to the building while remaining as historically accurate as possible. The sponsors for the project didn't want any unsightly drainage structures on the patio, and a permeable paver installation seemed to be the best solution. With clay permeable pavers, the color complimented the newly renovated architecture. The walls and steps were built with a combination of native, salvaged and imported Brownstone. The raised patio, walkways, steps and ramps use classic lines and geometry in the colonial style found in other period homes and historical estates. The patio is built to accommodate a small vehicle if desired, and the walls are wired for lighting and electricity for events and entertaining.

2017 HNA Award Winners

2017 Pasadena Showcase House of Design
Pasadena, California
Porcelain - Residential
Contractor: Pacific Outdoor Living (Sun Valley, Calif.)
Manufacturer: Belgard
Designer: Terry Morrill

Pacific Outdoor Living renovated the side yard for the 2017 Pasadena Showcase House of Design. The client wanted a sleek and modern outdoor space that extended the interior space. Belgard porcelain pavers accomplish this by incorporating different elements into the design. The centerpiece is a custom concrete water table with a run-through stream and waterfall. The biggest challenge of this project was the design itself, working out something that really stood out and didn't feel entirely like an outdoor space. The porcelain pavers add sophistication to the space. This type of flooring coupled with the bamboo paneling and screens, outdoor furniture and California-friendly plants, allows the space to feel inviting and warm, giving a great mix of indoor and outdoor elements. The client and all who toured the space loved the design.

2017 HNA Award Winners

The Sterling Private Residences
Chicago, Illinois
Porcelain - Commercial
Contractor: C.R. Schmidt, Inc. (Warrenville, Ill.)
Manufacturer: Tile Tech Pavers
Designer: RADA Architects

An existing unused roof surface was retrofitted to provide residents a formal and usable recreation space. Porcelain pavers create a durable and aesthetically pleasing walking surface for residents to enjoy around a pool and other amenity areas. The porcelain pavers were permanently adhered to a tray of the same size as the pavers are locked into place to prevent wind uplift of such a light paver material, allowing its use in an otherwise unfeasible application.

2017 HNA Award Winners

Westlake Shopping Center
Peoria, Illinois
Combination of Hardscape Products - Commercial
(More than 20,00 square feet)
Contractor: Interlocking Brick Paving (East Peoria, Ill.)
Manufacturer: Belgard, Unilock, Solistone, Milestone Imports
Designer: Cohen Development Company

To the best of our knowledge, this is the largest interlocking concrete paver parking lot and hardscape sidewalks project of any shopping center in the entire United States. As part of the $25 million award- winning redevelopment of Westlake Shopping Center in Peoria, Illinois - all asphalt was removed from main parking fields, entrance driveways, Main Street, and approaches. The project was re-built entirely of interlocking concrete pavers and was finished in two phases in 2010 and 2014. On hot summer days, the high solar reflectivity finish on the ICP makes the parking lot 20 degrees cooler than the old asphalt lot. People love the traffic calming and the cobblestone sound effects.

2017 HNA Award Winners

Church Mutual
Merrill, Wisconsin
Photo: Combination of Hardscape Products - Commercial
(Less than 20,000 square feet)
Contractor: PICS Inc. (Rhinelander, Wis.)
Manufacturer: County Materials Corporation
Designer: Carey Owen

After renting a new office space in a former Wal-Mart building, this owner wanted an impressive outdoor area for his employees' wellbeing. Because this building is rented, there were several unique challenges brought to the project's design and installation. The building's property could not be physically altered. The patio project was carefully designed and constructed to integrate on top of an existing concrete slab. The contractor mortared the retaining wall into place on top of the concrete slab. Each wall unit was individually leveled then mortared because of the slab's uneven surface. The tall retaining walls block the sound of passing traffic to create a relaxing space for employees.

2017 HNA Award Winners

Strosin Outdoor Retreat
Waukesha, Wisconsin
Combination of Hardscape Products - Residential
(Less than 4,000 square feet)
Contractor: Extreme Outdoors Big Bend, Wis.)
Manufacturers: Unilock
Designer: Jamon Peterson

This project began with the homeowner wanting an in-ground pool along with an expansive list of items to incorporate into the design. With the existing yard at a severe slope, there were limited places to locate the pool. Material on the project consisted of Unilock Bristol Valley (Steel Mountain) for pavers with borders and inlays of Unilock Copthorn (Basalt). All the walls, pillars, and vertical elements were constructed with a combination of Unilock Old Quarry stone, and Brussels dimensional block (Sierra) with Copthorne (Basalt Accents). The construction took over four months to complete. The final design consisted of more than 3,000 square feet of paver patio 1,200 square feet of wall stone. It included six fire features, four water features, a brick pizza oven, full outdoor kitchen, a 20-foot-long half round bar and 140-low-voltage light fixtures, completely automated using a phone or tablet.

2017 HNA Award Winners

Mullica Hill
Mullica Hill, New Jersey
Combination of Hardscape Products - Residential
(More than 4,000 square feet)
Contractor: Darlington Designs (Glassboro, New Jersey)
Manufacturer: EP Henry
Designer: Darlington Designs

This multi-phase installation fulfilled the client's dream of a beautiful outdoor living space. Components include an outdoor kitchen with a grill and side burner, refrigerator, storage drawers and a dining area. The custom pool with a waterfall and spa make for resort-style living at home, and feature lights and laminars for day-to-night pool use. The gentle slope of the property creates the opportunity to maximize the views of the larger, natural landscape behind. For the first time on a project, the contractor used the new EP Henry Chiseled Stone paver for a modern and elegant look. Darker borders and wall caps accented the transition points between the components of the project.

As seen in LC/DBM magazine, October 2018.

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