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Welcome Home
Veteran and Family Receive New House and Landscape

Landscape Architecture by Landscape Development, Inc.

Welcome Home

Partnering with the Gary Sinise Foundation, a charitable organization that focuses on supporting veterans and first responders, Landscape Development, Inc. donated time, materials and manpower to give a wounded veteran and his family a landscape for their new home in Bakersfield, Calif.

Welcome Home

The home and landscape were presented to the Brubakers in a ceremony honoring the corporal's service and sacrifice, as well as the sacrifices of his family.

When multiple members of Landscape Development, Inc. were approached and asked if they would be willing to participate in the donation of a home to a wounded veteran, the answer was emphatically positive. The project was a way to say "Thank you" to U.S. Marine Corps Corporal Joshua Brubaker, not only for the sacrifice he made on behalf of his country, but also for the sacrifice his family will continue to live with. CPL Brubaker had lost both of his legs as victim to an improvised explosive device (IED) while serving his country in Afghanistan. "The entire project," said CEO Gary Horton when asked to what extent Landscape Development would be willing to donate. "Whatever they need, make sure we take care of them."

In 2017, Landscape Development met with the building team, the Gary Sinise Foundation, which headed the cause, and Joshua Brubaker with his expecting wife Cara, to discuss design. After determining a wish list for their forever home, the design team developed a layout that evolved into a landscape that would fit their lifestyle, as well as growing family.

The bulk of the actual installation of the project took place during June and July of 2018. During the blistering summer months in Bakersfield, Calif., temperatures maintained 100 degrees plus throughout the installation. This did not curb the enthusiasm of Landscape Development's Central Valley Construction team. Multiple crews worked extra hours, and a number of vendors gave in support to make sure the Brubaker family would have a landscape to enjoy with their new home, along with their two children.

This project was not small. The residence was a property with close to an acre of landscaped surroundings. While maintaining the California Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance (MWELO) standards, the team at Landscape Development installed over 8,000 square feet of sod, 32 trees of mixed species and over 200 low water use shrubs. All selections were made with the future park-like setting in mind that was exactly what the Brubaker family had wished for.

As seen in LASN magazine, November 2018.

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