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2019 APLD Design Awards Open for Entry
Due by December 16

2019 APLD Design Awards Open for Entry

A single project may be entered in multiple categories; however, it must be entered separately each time. Appropriate photos, written briefs, etc., that are specific to the category must be submitted, and each entry is an additional fee.

The 2019 APLD International Landscape Design Awards Program, which honors excellence in landscape design, is open for applications. The awards recognize the projects of individual landscape designers.

Entry categories include residential, non-residential, small gardens, planting design, show gardens, specialty projects and details. A panel of judges will select multiple Gold, Silver and Bronze award winners for each category, as there is not set number of awards. From the Gold award winning projects, the judges will choose the 2019 APLA International Landscape Designer of the Year.

In order to qualify for the awards program, submitted projects must have been installed for no fewer than two, and no more than ten years. The exception to this rule is the category of show gardens, in which there is an allowance for the temporary nature of the project. Projects that do not receive an award may be resubmitted in another year. All required entry materials and payment must be received by close of business on the deadline date, which is December 16, 2018.

To learn more about the awards program and to apply, visit

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