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Introducing LandMentor
Next Generation Design Software

Introducing LandMentor

Introducing LandMentor

LandMentor integrates Unity, a high-level 3-dimensional engine, to create interactive 'real time' 3D presentations. Its 'plug & play' virtual reality supports Microsoft Mixed Reality headsets for an immersive 3D experience.

LandMentor is a new software that attempts to help empower land development professionals communicate precise concepts in 2D, 3D and/or virtual reality. It was developed by Rick Harrison Site Design Studio, of Minnesota.

LandMentor's technology simplifies the user interface and routines, enabling landscape architects to communicate via the creation of presentations. A single function is able to convert a design into 3D, and/or a VR immersive experience that clients and city councils can better understand, and, possibly, more readily approve.

The program merges land planning, civil engineering, land surveying, landscape architecture and architectural design into a single system. It can replace, or supplement, existing CAD or GIS software to expand consulting capabilities. Furthermore, LandMentor's environmental impact analysis helps consultants guide cities toward better growth decisions.

This tool is aimed at providing designers the ability to focus on livability, connectivity, flow of traffic, views from living spaces, curb appeal, earthwork reduction and more.

The program's positional coordinate geometry generates precision spatial intelligence for design analysis and rendered plans. The geometry and graphics can be tied to plant materials (included) and cost of materials.

There are no add-ons or CAD requirements needed to use the software. Perpetual updates, hard copy manuals and training video are included. The cost is $2,995. Visit to learn more.

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February 28, 2020, 1:15 am PDT

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