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College Students Work With Middle Schoolers
Aim to Redesign Outdoor Spaces

College Students Work With Middle Schoolers

Seventh grade students from P.K. Yonge Middle School, in central Florida, met with landscape architect students from the University of Florida to discuss what should be included in the outside spaces of the school.
Photo Credit: University of Florida

Student volunteers from the University of Florida's Student Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects recently convened with local 7th grade students at P.K. Yonge Developmental Research School in order to discuss improvements they would like to see in their outdoor spaces.

This all started when the middle school's faculty contacted the university and asked for assistance in developing and improving the outdoor spaces found in the school. Student representatives from the ASLA student chapter then met with the members of the Middle School Science and Society Club and discussed what the outdoor space could look like.

During the most recent meeting, the students from the middle school were asked to draw or write what they would like to see built in those open spaces. Some of the suggestions were a large seesaw for group balancing, a swimming pool with a lazy river, a rock-climbing wall and a running track.

College Students Work With Middle Schoolers

The students were asked to write or draw what they wanted to see built in the outdoor spaces. The suggestions were really creative to say the least!
Photo Credit: University of Florida

A news post by the university states that interactions such as this one allow the school to meet one of its main goals, "recruitment and outreach to potential future landscape architecture students."

Dr. Brenda Breil, P.K. Yonge's 7th grade science teacher, was quoted as having said that the experience was wonderful for her students, and "the greater their exposure to real-world opportunities and practices, the more they become engaged in learning."

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October 23, 2019, 10:23 pm PDT

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