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Georgia Green Industry Association
2018 LC/DBM Yearbook

Profile: The Georgia Green Industry Association (GGIA) is a statewide trade association whose mission is to promote and advance the economic, lifestyle and environmental benefits of Georgia horticulture for our members, our families and our communities. Through education, legislative monitoring, certification exams, trade shows, and conferences to the horticulture-related industries in the State, GGIA serves as an umbrella association for the entire horticulture industry.

The Georgia Green Industry Association recognized several individuals as recipients of awards in various categories at WINTERgreen Tradeshow and Conference in Duluth, GA in January.

Georgia Green Industry Association

The Georgia Green Industry Association's Educator of the Year award honors an individual who made an outstanding contribution to ornamental horticultural research and promotion of the industry through academic endeavors. Craig Thurmond recognizes the need for horticulture students to leave his program with real world experience and knowledge that will enable them to be successful members of the green industry.

Georgia Green Industry Association

The Georgia Green Industry Association's Communicator of the Year award honors an individual who best served the horticulture industry in Georgia through the media and other forms of promotion. For 42 years and counting, Curt Smith has been carrying the torch, using his connections for the betterment of the industry. A long-time member of the GGIA Board of Directors, Curt can always be depended on to promote the industry and the work of the association.

Georgia Green Industry Association

The Georgia Green Industry Association's Vivian Munday/Buck Jones Memorial Lifetime Achievement Award is GGIA's most prestigious honor. It is only given when there is an individual deserving of recognition for a lifetime of accomplishment and contributions to the Green Industry. Regarded by students as not only the best professor they ever had from a teaching standpoint, these same students will tell you that no other teacher has ever cared for them so sincerely. Dr. Harry Ponder has been recognized by leading organizations from across the horticulture world, but his greatest legacy will be the students he inspired and helped place in the industry who will contribute to our industry for years to come.

Georgia Green Industry Association

Georgia Green Industry Association

The Georgia Green Industry Association's Jake Tinga Young Professional of the Year award is given for outstanding success in the field of environmental horticulture and is offered as an inspiration to others starting out in the field. The candidate must be under 35 years of age or been involved in the industry for less than ten years. This year's winners of the Jake Tinga Distinguished Young Professional Award are Jeremy Oxford and Tim Thoms.

Georgia Green Industry Association

The Environmental Friend of the Industry award honors an individual outside of the horticulture industry who endeavors to promote the industry. Rick Dunn was appointed Director of the Environmental Protection Division (EPD) of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources effective June 16, 2016. Georgia EPD is the state agency charged with protecting Georgia's air, land and water resources through the authority of various state and federal environmental statutes. These laws regulate air quality, water quality, hazardous waste, water supply, solid waste, surface mining, underground storage tanks and others.

As seen in LC/DBM magazine, December 2018.

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